David Kyei: Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma. on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma. Thank you for your love and investment into my life. Thank you for your training and exemplary leadership in the #GYLF. I love you dearly ma @pastordeola #MAGNUMLUMEN #GHANA

Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma. Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma. Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma. Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ma.

BE A PART OF THE 7 DAYS COURSE ON THE BOOK "RECREATING YOUR WORLD" authored by Our Man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, Starting on the 1st of November 2019. Join the Highly Esteemed Pastor T.T Edun, Highly Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan and the Highly Esteemed Pastor Doyin-Dennis Oshideko as they take us through a comprehensive study of the book. Click on the link below to log onto our e-learning moodle to register and start the course: http://www.lovecenter.live/moodle/

Your name is higher then all names #limitless2 #blwukzonea #gotnolimits

Ever increasing in glory.... Happy birthday Pastor Ma! #magnumlumen #2910 #HowIseetheCEO #deptofAdminOCEO

All I see is God's gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #limitless2 #blwukzonea #gotnolimits

Wowwww #limitless2 #blwukzonea #gotnolimits

We love you Lord Jesus! #limitless2 #blwukzonea #gotnolimits

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#limitless2 #blwukzonea #gotnolimits WE rejoice with HIM

Happy Birthday Sister Angela! Thank you for all that you do for the work of the Ministry. I love you. God bless you

Happy birthday dear Sis Gillian, you are so amazing. I celebrate the grace, beauty and glory of God on your life. Thanks for your unwavering dedication and commitment to the work of Ministry, especially EWCAZ4. You are such a great blessing. I love you

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