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Inside the ISIS prison camp 'little caliphate' breeding the next generation of jihadis In a barren prison camp in Northern Syria – tens of thousands of ISIS members are running what feels like a mini caliphate – abiding by the rules of the extremist terror group, and abiding by a brutal system of Islamic justice - which goes largely unchecked, and keeps the ISIS ideology alive.

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UK police seek 2 brothers in connection to 39 truck deaths as investigation widens British detectives are searching for two brothers from Northern Ireland in connection to the deaths of 39 people found inside a refrigerated trailer in southeastern England.

US sailors on Okinawa charged with causing drunken disturbance by Japan police Four U.S. Navy sailors on Okinawa were detained by Japan police on suspicion of causing a drunken disturbance at a restaurant and fleeing the scene, Stars & Stripes reported.

Asthma carbon footprint 'as big as eating meat' Seven in every 10 inhalers prescribed in England contain propellants harmful to the environment, researchers say.

Double reflected rainbow photographed in Orkney The photographer who captured the image described the sight as "amazing".

With the Holy Ghost I have it made #joyoverflow #KenyaZone #ADayofImpact

UK man dies after getting stuck on top of 290-foot smokestack, police say A British man who was trapped atop a 290-foot smokestack for over 12 hours has died, investigators said.

German mourners accidentally served hash cake at funeral Mourners at a funeral in Germany got an involuntary high when they were accidentally served hash cake, police said Tuesday.

UK Parliament agrees to Dec. 12 election, ahead of EU's new Brexit deadline British lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to hold a December election, in hopes that a switch-up in Parliament will either kill or bring to fruition a final vote on leaving the European Union after the EU extended the Brexit deadline to Jan. 31.

UEFA's 'lenient' punishment for Bulgaria after England racial abuse Anti-racism campaigners have criticised UEFA for what they see as a lenient punishment given to Bulgaria over their fans abused black England players.

Ex-Gurkha beats record for scaling world's tallest mountains - by seven years A former British special forces soldier from Nepal has climbed all 14 of the world's highest mountains in a record-breaking 190 days.

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