Bro Geoffrey: Happy birthday Pastor Sir. #PLO3110 on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. #PLO3110 #HIGHFLYER #EWCAZ3 #UGANDA#MAINCHURCH

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. #PLO3110 Happy birthday Pastor Sir. #PLO3110

#graced4greatness ##g4g1031 #inspiringpastorflow Wow!! My father finally agreed to sit and take pictures. Hurrraayyy!!!

Pastor Sir.....Thank you so much for bringing the gospel at the time when I needed it most....What a gospel, what a message....My life is forever transformed☺....Happy birthday Pastor Loui🎈🎈

It was a thing of Joy Explaining the Gospel as we reached out to corp member... October of ministry is something to shout about

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Is an honour to be love specially by my Director, so many melodies in my heart just for you. #G4G1031 #pflow1031

Celebrating Superabundant Grace Mother Happy Birthday Pastor Ma I love you so dearly ma.

No! We won't leave them alone... We won't let them be We aren't going to give up We will do everything possible and explore every means to get the gospel to them We'll keep praying for them We will not turn our back on those around us who are not yet saved The Lord can count on us! This is our commitment! Thank you Pastor for stirring our minds this morning in the Rhapsody message. Do read and meditate and be stirred to carry out active ministry today! I love you 💖 #rhapsodyofrealities

#RhapsoweenNight #CEUKZone3 #DSPUKZone3 We have got something to "SHOUT ABOUT " Chist in us the Hope of Glory. Soldiers of Christ are on a Mission today. Each one with a sickly in their hand. Tge Harcest is ripe. Glorrrrrrry

Dupsy Wupsy...Thank you soooo much for who you are... I love you girl like "kilode"..... Thank you for being sooooo special and doing everything in such a special and excellent way. Happy Birthday!!!!

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