Mugenyi Denis Raymond.: HBD to the Main Chairman😊🤗. on KingsChat Web

HBD to the Main Chairman😊🤗. Sir if we are to describe all you are to us, the books wouldn't contain it. Thank you for loving us so dearly and always going out of your comfort to do every one around you well. I love you Pastor Sir. Happiest Birthday Pastor Sir. #PLO3110

HBD to the Main Chairman😊🤗. HBD to the Main Chairman😊🤗. HBD to the Main Chairman😊🤗.

#Graced4Greatness #pstflow1031 Thank you sir for Loving us the way do. Thank you for being an amazing father...

My beautiful gift from God #Pflow1031 #G4G1031 #graced4greatness #inspiringpastorflow #sez2

WE ARE REGISTERED AND READY💯💯 It's 2 days away💪💪 Peru✅, Lebanon✅, India✅, Malaysia✅, Namibia✅, New Zealand✅, Azerbaijan✅, Loas✅, Rodriguez Island✅, Trinidad and Tobago✅, Jamaica✅, Australia✅, Anguilla✅, just to mention a few. Don't miss it for anything in the world, register now on

#Pflow1031 #G4G1031 #graced4greatness #inspiringpastorflow #sez2

Happy birthday sir.

NOVEMBER COMMUNION SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS Hosea 12:13 KJV says: And by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved. It's that time again where we gather together to hear God's Word for the month from our man of God, Pastor Chris. It's a time where we receive Words that gives us guidance, direction and focus. Words with which we make war and win. IT'S A DATE WITH GOD and you are invited to a special November Communion Service with Loveworld Central Church this Sunday: Date: 3rd November 2019 Time: 4PM Venue: The Atrium, Ark Walworth Academy Shorncliffe Road, London SE1 5UJ Come and receive God's Word for your today. God bless you. #ukzone2 #OuryearofLights

Today 31.10.2019 A day of very great celebration Happy birthday pastor sir.

#Pflow1031 #G4G1031 #graced4greatness #inspiringpastorflow #sez2

Still celebrating our graceful, excellent & love personified, indefatigable CEO. Dear Pst Dee, your followership, loyalty & passionate commitment to the gospel is so contagious, your loyalty to our Dad and our ministry is so exemplary. Thank you so much. I love you.

#Pflow1031 #G4G1031 #graced4greatness #inspiringpastorflow #sez2

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