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HBD To The Best Sister Inlaw in the World. Dncs Ma, thank you for your inspiring and impactful life. Thank you for inspiring me to be an ardent sponsor of the gospel. You surely have a very large heart that accommodates everyone!I love & celebrate you today & always!

HBD To The Best Sister

Sinach ministering live @ Total Experience. #ceedmonton #CECANADA

A celebration of greater grace! Thank you Pastor ma for the opportunity to celebrate you. It's a great joy! #pose1115 #cecanada #cecalgarygroup

A celebration of greater grace! Happy Birthday Pastor ma. We love you. #pose1115 #cecanada #cecalgarygroup

What a fulfilling day! #PastorOseBirthdayCelebration

Dearest @ose_the_great you are kind, you are loving and most importantly a ministry addict. Today I celebrate you and the many victories you have championed in this gospel. Your passion for the ministry and our Lord Jesus is quite inspiring. I love you dearly!! Happy birthday!!

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A celebration of greater grace! Cruising upward and forward.😁😁😁 #pose1115 #cecanada #cecalgarygroup

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Sinach ministering live at Total Experience Edmonton Canada. #ceedmonton #CECANADA

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