Pst Bongi Bhebhe : Birthday loading 💃💃💃8 November Glory on KingsChat Web

Birthday loading 💃💃💃8 November Glory #PstMtho #8November

Birthday loading 💃💃💃8 November Glory

GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS. The Lord wants us to work in a certain type of consciousness. Consciousness is the working or state of your mind at the moment. Faith is a conscious expectation otherwise it's not faith. THIS MONTH IS THE MONTH OF BLESSINGS. How conscious are you going to be about the blessings this month? You're going walk in the consciousness of these blessings. "I'm blessed everywhere"... My going out, my coming in is blessed. My work, my assignment is blessed. My money is blessed! " Genesis 14:18 Matthew 26:26 #cephzone1

It is my month of blessing... What a blessed month. Every thing is blessed. #novemeberblessing #ceavz #globalcommunionservicewithPastorChris

Gloryyyy to God... #swvz1 #southwestregion #ceokeadoibadan

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#Breakingnews The President of the Loveworld Nation, declares the Month of November, THE MONTH OF BLESSINGS. Genesis 14:20 This Month you are going to walk in the consciousness of blessings. How conscious are you going to be!!! I'm blessed of God! I'm blessed in whatever I put my hands to do. I'm blessed in my thoughts, I'm blesses in my mind, I'm blessed everywhere! My work is blessed, my family is blessed, my money is blessed! I think, talk and walk in blessings everyday! I'm thinking blessings blessings! I'm dreaming blessings blessings! BLESSINGS EVERYWHERE! Hallelujah!!! #November2019Communionservice #Pastorchrislive #SERegion

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Waking in blessings Praise God🔥🔥 #consciousness of blessings #monthofblessings #November2019

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