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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Always ready and on the go for the work of Christ! Thank you for saying YES to the Lord Sir! I love you Sir! Happy birthday Pastor! #Pksaah1106 #CelebratingtheWord #Cecan #cecalgaryGroup #Calgarne

Updated her profile photo

Just the right time to let you know how much of a BLESSING u'v been to me. Thank you for being so helpful, swift, proactive and dependable. God has blessed u & made u a blessing! And of the increase of your greatness, there shall be no end. Increased Grace in all u do.I love😘 u

Happy birthday Pastor Sir, I specially celebrate you and love you dearly. #CeCalgary #CeCanada #blessing #PKS

HBD sister sandra ever so gracious. Enjoy everlasting blessings.

Working the word. I am victorious on every count. Blessed be God. Grusssapah 💥💫🎉🌟⭐🙌

#Theblessedone #HBDpastorTayoma #8/11 Love you ma #CESunninghill

Always full of love and always full of the Holy Ghost! Thank you Pastor for teaching us the word! Thank you for teaching us to be "undieable"!!!

"Nearly everyone(86%) uses social media at least once per day, and 72% use it multiple times per day." REACHING THIS PERCENTAGE WITH THE GOSPEL IS KEY. AT IMCC 2019, you will learn more on how to reach them effectively. #imcc2019 #myimcc2019expectations #imccirememberchallenge

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir....Its A Great Privilege Knowing You And A Great Honor Learning God's Word Under Your Leadership. I Pray God Increase Your Knowledge And Anointing In Jesus Name Amen. #Pksaah1106 #CelebratingtheWord #Cecan #cecalgaryGroup #CalgaryNE #Masterpiece

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