Pshadeyy: Happy birthday to a luminary,an on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday to a luminary,an icon of grace and faith.It is an honour to join the host of heaven and the saints here on earth to celebrate a masterpiece as you.Your life is an inspiring testimony.Welcome to a new level of Blessings.I love you sir. #PB711 #cemiderstzone

Happy birthday to a luminary,an Happy birthday to a luminary,an

Digest the word in your system till it overwhelms every circumstance you find yourself in. Gloryyyy!!!

CELEBRATING OUR OCTOBER STAR PARTNER! Thank you, esteemed Pastor Zwane Ndzalama of Elshadai Ministries, Chad, for enriching the lives and ministries of countless ministers. As you have given that blessings and favour may come to others, blessings and favour are continuously yours in Jesus name. Amen. We cherish your partnership with the ISM always! We love you dearly. #ism #thankyou #GMC2019

Happy birthday to my super duper Dad. Thank you sir for your investment in my life. I love you sir. #Nov7th #Dadrock #cemidwestzone

😃My striking IMCC 2018 Learning Points "People don't buy things, they buy brands that deliver promise of value to them" - Deacon Chris Moweta #IMCC2019 #mostinspiringimccmoments #moststrikinglearningpoints #mostmemorableimccquotes #IMCCi-rememberchallenge #NSSZONE1

Outreach at okeletu health center, ijede, ikorodu

HE’S YOUR EVERLASTING FATHER Read Your Rhapsody Today  November, 7th 2019. There’s One who’s always there; He’s your everlasting Father! You’re not going to miss Him, ever, because He’s alive and always with, and in, you by the Holy Spirit. His Name is Jesus! Read more on the Rhapsody app: Android: iOS: Download,  Subscribe & Share!  #BemorewithRoRv3  #rhapsody #monthofblessings #CEABAZONE #GAMC #GAMC2019

IPPC SHOW ALERT! #realityshow Its a known fact that year after year, Lights from around the world gather at the feet of the Man of God- Pastor Chris to receive words that will cause them to go shine even more brightly. Gloryyy!!!! #RoadToIPPC is a Reality Show that covers the journey (invitation, preparation and trips) of 20 glorious Lights, all the way from different countries, to the prestigious International Pastors & Partners Conference. Watch this space! #cephzone1 #ippc2019 #CelebrationOfLights

Celebrating my number one Pastor! Pastor I love you sir! #cemarinequarters #cewarrisouth #cemidwestzone

😃My Most Memorable IMCC 2018 QUOTES "Doing something BIG is never a matter of convenience - Do u believe in it"- Pastor Deola Phillips (CEO).3 days to go. #IMCC2019 #myimcc2019expectations #moststrikinglearningpoints #mostmemorableimccquotes #IMCCi-rememberchallenge #NSSZONE1

I live in consistent, continuous and constant health. I am impervious to disease and infections, because my life is hid with Christ in God. I am superior to all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. I can’t get sick and no disease can dwell in my body. No plague or contagion can affect me, in the Name of Jesus. Amen! #HealingSchool #monthofblessings #CEABAZONE #GAMC #GAMC2019

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