Pst Susan: Happy birthday Ma! Thank you on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Ma! Thank you so much for your love for the Lord and all you do for the work of the ministry. More grace for you Ma. I love you dearly

Happy birthday Ma! Thank you
Mabel Akpabli Amedzro


Happy bird day, helper of the war. Love you

God's Only Pain Is To Be Doubted.. God's Only Pleasure Is To Be Believed. My Mentor's notes:

Happy Birthday Beloved Pastor Kobby Saah #CEcalgarynorthwestchurch

Happy Birthday 70th Birthday to my amazing Dad. I love you loads #agelessness

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Unleash your selfies and all da at the red carpet #loveworldawards2019

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The Lord visited us especially🙌 The Lord deserves our Praise..Our Worship He is Sovereign He is God Almighty He is the creator of Heaven and Earth He is the Monarch of the universe He is the Lord of everything 🙏 #celuton #sloughgroup #ceukzone3

Rhapsody Of Realities THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH, 2019 HE’S YOUR EVERLASTING FATHER The expression, "The everlasting Father” is often interpreted by many to mean “Father of eternity”; ...READ MORE IN Android/iOS:

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