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Updated his profile photo



Happy birthday to our Zonal Admin, Sister Taiwo Oyetunji. A big thank you for all you do for the ministry in our great Zone. Thank you been a great support to our Zonal Pastor. We love and celebrate you dearly. #SWZ2 #SWREG

Our thoughts are seasoned ✔️

ITPLC 2019 LIVE it's so awesome here thank you pastor Chris

Job1:10.Haven’t you surrounded him with a fence on all sides, around his house, and around all that he owns? You have blessed everything he puts his hands on and you have increased his livestock in the land. Job broke the Hedge protection God had placed around him, not God.

#Update on ITPLC DAY 1 MORNING: An Intuitive panel discussion on Setting Standards and Challenging the Status Quo... Session. #ITPLC2019 #LWTeensMinistry

Happy birthday dear Pastor Annamaria. You are such a blessing to the body of Christ. Thank u 4 being so dependable, loyal & an ardent follower of our GMOG You are such an inspiration. I love & admire you greatly. To ur prosperity there is no end. 😘💕 #cecanada #cebramptonwest

Daily blessings in His name! The name gives you inner peace (shalom)

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Almost there... #PISE1115

#Update ON ITPLC DAY 1 MORNING SESSION: An inspiring session on ”Giving the World New Standards” by Bro. Daniel Joseph Session.#ITPLC2019 #LWTeensMinistry #CEAMC

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