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You are backed by heaven and you cannot fail...- Pastor Chris Be richly inspired on today's episode of Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris. Showing now on Loveworld Plus Channel Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today! Available on Google PlayStore, Apple Store and on the Windows Phone Store.

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Glory to God

Osas Soji



Ndife David


Ohh Hallelujah!

Thank you ma! For showing us the path that we must go!!!! You are a gitf to us ma. #celebratingexcellence #pjo1118 #cemidwestzone #teensyouthministry #ceekpanreal

Alexa, buy me Eba and Egusi soup😂 Voice Activated Machine Learning #ifyouknowyouknow #imcc19 #imcc2019 #cekenyazone

If you don't have a voice strategy your brand is silent - Pastor Richard Pena #IMCC19 #IMCC2019 #CEUKZone3

#ITPLC2019 #LWTEENSMINISTRY #CEBENINZONE1 #CEGIWAAMU Iclc session with pastor Jolomi from ce benin zone 1 Woww!!! It's from glory to glory!!!

Voice technology is the future. Thank you so much Pastor Richard for those thoughts. I am blessed. #thankyouImccparters #imcc2019 #phministrycenter

#IMCC19 #ThanksMyProphetPastorChris #ThanksMyFatherPastorNiyi

Ippc 2019 at the loveworld awards #loveworldawards2019

HAPPENING NOW!! ITPLC2019 A Remarkable Super Session with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Freedom Wealth Eriya on How to have increasing and sustained impact in ministry. #IPPC2019 #IMCC2019 #ITPLC2019

It was an awesome session with Pastor Richard. Thank you IMCC sponsors for this wonderful opportunity. We had an amazing session of voice recognition and how to make impact with the gospel #thankyouimccsponsors #imcc2019 #imcc19 #blwzoneb

I have been inspired so far, today is d 3rd day of IMCC, its been awesome all d way. Bng authentic, and av a define purpose on social media isone of d tin I av acquired so far. Abv all remember dat der is an urgency for d word to be preached.1 of d way is to use social media

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