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God His Great and kind, for Great His thou faithfulness OH God morning by morning I see all I need your Hands have provided Great His your faithfulness Lord unto me... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

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@RPN @ror @ROPC #Australia

Celebrating our Champion Celebrating our Hero Celebrating our Gift from God Celebrating a Serial Achiever Celebrating a Compendium of Faith Celebrating a Beacon of Light Celebrating an Icon of Love Celebrating an Embodiment of Wisdom Celebrating a Man Sent from God. You have indeed changed our lives Sir We are forever glad to be associated with you. Thank you for teaching us how to follow our Man of God. Thank you for shining the light in our various nations. Thank you for making us relevant to the vision of our Man of God. Thank you for teaching us faith, hope and love. Happy Birthday Sir! We love you so dearly! #LUMINARYPAI #PAI1411

Happy Birthday ma. I celebrate passion & beauty She is inspiring great dreams, raising champions, she is an award winner, she is leading the way, a trailblazer, a woman of substance. One who is diligent & committed, who heart beat for the gospel. . Thank you 4 your inspiration.

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Happy Birthday Pastor Ose! We love you! ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉 #singingchallenge #Pose1115

Congratulations Pastor Sir! Thanks for inspiring us always. #cebeninzone1

Happy Birthday to a father with a large heart. You are so loving, caring, accommodating, kind, and yet very principled. Thank you for illuminating our lives. Thank you for being a worthy example for us to follow. Thank you for showing us plainly the heart of the father. Thank you for insisting on excellence, and bringing out the best in us. Thank you for making us disciples of our Man of God Pastor Chris. We are honoured to stand hand in hand with you in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Dad! We love you so dearly Sir!

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