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As we behold the glory of the Lord that displays the excellent virtues of Christ; transcending levels, from glory to glory...We are overwhelmed with joy at this auspicious milestone. It's a special jubilee 😘💃🏾🌟❤️ #pose1115

As we behold the glory
Dcns Jane Brown


Happy birthday pastor! By answering the call of God upon your life and serving the Lord diligently at one point I came in contact with the Anointing of God's Spirit upon your life and I learnt some lifetime lessons. For this I am grateful. Happy birthday.

Lynn Ngwenya


GLORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! GLORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! GLORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! Quintessential!!!!!!!. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!. It's such a JOY💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 and it gives me pleasure to say HaPpy HapPy birthday Pastor Ose Ma; a beauty with brains!!!.We celebrate an iconic, heroic and euphoric treasure without measure after the order of Christ Himself.We celebrate a representation and presentation of all-things-Holy Spirit and God's elect.A quintessence of rare, unique, unquestionable and even unquantifiable beauty, vitality, divinity, revelations out of heaven's resource base; unparalleled yet at par with Christ's epignosis par excellence.We take a bow.Thank you for being a mighty woman of substance and unsearchable depth; full of the essence of the Spirit without measure.Thank you for being a real definition,depiction even description in all actions and reactions of Proverbs 31.A centre of God's holiness and godliness even righteousness that centers and revolves as it evolves around God's first-fruit.A fruitful, beautiful, prayerful even joyful personality, rooted in God's marvelous, wondrous even rapturous Kingdom of LIGHT.A symbol of illumination in the nations of this world, illustrious, glorious and prestigious in every way, anyway and anyday. Thank you for being a perfect and balanced example of dignity who takes responsibility and accountability of their Christianity.For this, we are truly grateful and thankful. Thank you for presenting to us so much to learn and for honouring the call to expand the Kingdom of God; exponentially so. Thank you for not being apologetic in your spiritual vision and mission to reach and save the world. #POSE1115 #BestMomEver #celebratinggreatness

Amanda Khumalo



sr Fanny D.


Happy birthday Ma More Grace Grace. Love you dearly.

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Happy birthday Pastor Ma. We salute you and we love you so dearly

Updated his profile photo

Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Sir. You are a great general and a blessing to countless of us. Thank you sir for your love for me and my family. I love you sir.

Prophecy doesn't die or end because, God speaks in eternal echoes, whenever you wake up you can still enter into it. #IPPC2019 #CEMGBUOBA #CEPHZONE3

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for your investment in my life. Thank you for your special love for my family. I love you Sir

تحملت اشياء فوق طاقتي

Gloraaaayyyyyyh indeed 2018 was a child's play. Thank you so much Pastor Sir and the inner-city mission for this wonderful recognition we shining all the way #blwcameroongroup2 #campusministryrocks #mediatechbuea

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Sir! We love and appreciate you so dearly Sir.

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