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Happy birthday to my Priceless, exceptional and phenomenal mom. The gift of God without measure. I love you deeply. ❤❤❤❣🥰😍😘

Happy birthday to my Priceless, Happy birthday to my Priceless, Happy birthday to my Priceless, Happy birthday to my Priceless,

ITPLC 2019 with Pastor Chris! An experience like no other; we have truly been ushered into a new level of grace! #ITPLC2019

Happy birthday Pastor Ose ma. I love and celebrate you 🎊🎈💕 #POSE1115 #Singingchallenge #allinonechallenge #SAZone3 #lmambotswana

Happy birthday Ma🎉🎂I love you dearly❤️ #pose1115 #lwteensministry #sazone2 #cekemptonpark

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MATILDA AND MIRREILE FROM DRC ARE ROPC READY!!! ARE YOU? IT'S 13 DAYS TO GO! SAVE THE DATE: 29-30 Nov 2019 REGISTER NOW THROUGH THE RHAPSODY APP : bit.ly/downloadrhapsodyapp OR visit prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org OR reoninternational.org to sign up and also create your picture frame. #ropc2019 #ropcglobal #rhapsody www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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IPPC 2019 THROWS UP YET ANOTHER GEM-MOMENT - LTM & RADIO STRATEGIC PRESENTATION The IPPC 2019 continues to throw up gem-moments; moments of insight, inspiration and divine direction. One of such moments was the LTM and Radio strategic presentation. It was a supernatural teaser on the future of ministry through Television and Radio from the LoveWorld Nation to the world. The presentation was anchored by the esteemed Head of department of the LoveWorld Television Ministry and LoveWorld Radio, Pastor Yemi Akinwunmi and featured top brass of the LoveWorld Nation – Esteemed Pastor Siji Dara (Christ Embassy Kenya Zone), Esteemed Pastor Dipo Fisho (Christ Embassy Abuja Zone) and Esteemed Pastor Victor Soliman (Christ Embassy Egypt) The Audience was regaled with a trail of exciting achievements of the LoveWorld Television Ministry and LoveWorld Radio in 2019 with which 2019 made 2018 look like child’s play such as • The Set up of LoveWorld Mena, our satellite TV station reaching the Middle East and North Africa as a full-fledged Base Station in Cairo, Egypt • Expansion of the ministry’s media infrastructure through Set up of a Terrestrial Radio Station • Organization of the Global Viewers’ and Listeners’ Network Conference with over 1,000,000 participants from over 123 countries and with 68 viewing centres • Commencement of transmission on 42 new TV stations and 106 new Radio stations Beyond looking at the achievements of 2019, the presentation also set its sights on key strategic initiatives of the LTM and Radio department for 2020. Thoughts shared included • The opportunity for increased penetration and impact of the new LoveWorld Mena base station • The opportunity for impact with the December 31st Service with Pastor Chris • Testimonies and opportunities for Impact of the TV and Radio Ministry and how to use it as a tool for sustainable Church growth. Truly, the stage is set for even greater impact through the Ministry’s TV and Radio platforms and the LTM and Loveworld Radio department invite their ever “prompt to do it” partners from around the world on this glorious ride of impact with the Gospel. For more information, please contact us on +234 81 2344 5787 and +234 81 2344 5790 or send an email to radiopartners@loveworld360.com or ltmpartnership@loveworld360.com. God bless you

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