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Dcn & Dcns Abimbola have something to shout about!😃 Happy Wedding Anniversary Esteemed Leaders of Grace! We love you and decree increased grace upon your marriage! #MonthOfBlessings We look forward to seeing you at MORE THAN MUSIC👑 #MoreThanMusic #CECANADA #LMAMCANADA #lmam

Dcn & Dcns Abimbola have Dcn & Dcns Abimbola have Dcn & Dcns Abimbola have
BimbolaOla-TheWealthyOne Blessed&Great


Thank you beloved Sis 🥰💖🙏🏼

Birthday Loading....... Highly esteemed Pst Love

Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ose

LIMA NEWS: Samsong aka. "E De Work" crooner is going to be live at the #lima2019 You can't afford to miss it for anything... #lima2019withpastorchris

Happy birthday to our very own Pastor Love. I will need to write volumes and volumes of books to describe what you stand for and what you have done in my life. All I can say is you are the love of God personified. I love you.💃💃🎊🎊🎊🎊💕💕 #celebratingPastorlove

Happy Birthday ma!


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It's loading.... birthday for our dear Pst Karen. #celebratingpastorlove

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