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Remember as you go about your day that you may be the only Jesus some of your friends. #nightofblissbeninzone3

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The more you teach, the more you learn. #nightofblissbeninzone3

life is a choice #nightofblissbeninzone3

“Oh, will you pray? Stop now and pray, lest desire turn to feeling and feeling evaporate.” #nightofblissbeninzone3

It's Word at Work tomorrow! If u are in Lagos, i encourage you to be at this glorious program. #W@W

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Upcoming Event: Save This Date 👇👇👇 #YearOfSpreading #ceAsaba

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ALL PARTNERS ONLINE CONFERENCE WITH PASTOR CHRIS Be part of the first ever, history making "All Partners Online Conference with Pastor Chris". To participate, it's as easy as 1,2,3. 1. Register for the program. 2. Get a kingschat-savy device. 3. Clear your schedule for the program.

Always, everywhere God is present, and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one. #nightofblissbeninzone3

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We need never shout across the spaces to an absent God. #nightofblissbeninzone3

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