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#LIMA2019 is a reminder that they, that are diligent in their business, stand before Kings Congratulations to the #Ukband. You are an inspiration. Thank you Pastor Chris and Evang Kathy for rising worshippers #IPPC2019 #PROVOKED #TheElite #LMAMCanada #CEScarborough

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🥁🥁📣CELEBRATING OUR EVER-INSPIRING PARENTS - HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY MUM AND DAD!!!💃🕺🎶 ✍️It's that special time of the year again, when we all stand in applause, appreciation and celebration, thanking the Lord for blessing us with the most extraordinarily inspiring Mum and Dad. How blessed we are to behold, observe and learn from your walk of faith and passionate involvement in the gospel, continually challenging and yet cheering each other on, provoking one another unto love and good works. This day each year, we reminisce on the countless and increasingly inspiring moments we have been blessed to witness through the years, and we are grateful to the Lord for the blessing of your beautiful union and glorious life in the gospel....and with each passing year, the glory increases... We truly love, appreciate and celebrate you Sir & Ma. Happy Wedding Anniversary dear Mum and Dad! ✍️ From all of us, your children in Abuja Ministry Centre... #CEAMC #MonthofBlessings #BlessingsConscious

We say a big thank you Pastor Sir. Thank you Pastor Ma for visiting our Stand this year. #lwsadi #lwe2019 #extraordinary

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Happy blessed birthday pastor Nora Jegede Ma. My pastor with a difference... Special in all your ways. Thank you being all that you to me and the body of Christ. I love you Ma.

Experiences won't change a person, Its Words that will. #sundayservice was a game changer #PhotoSpeaks #campusministryrocks #LWSAZONE #groupb2

Scripture Meditation (Lamentation 3:21-24 NIV) ... Because of God’s LOYAL LOVE We are not consumed, for His compassion NEVER FAILS. They are new every morning; O faithful Lord, says My Soul, “You are My portion; therefore, I will wait for You💟 #Raised-As-DKing #WinSoul=LOVE #LOVE

“If you want sharks 🦈 🦈 don’t build a swimming pool. Otherwise you will raise sardines. Let the vision be big enough for the people you are building ” Pastor Amaechi hummmmmm I am provoked #Provocation #LIMA2019 #IPPC2019 #TheElite #CECanada #CEScarborough

2 more days to celebrating my man of God #PDave1121 #CECanada #ceedmonton

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