jean paul GALAMI: Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce on KingsChat Web

Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce village.ewcaz4.#cevillage

Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce

" When you call for the Corn, the corn will answer" Place demands on your Heavenly Account. We are starting and continuing strong this year. We are set up for big things operating in excess grace!! #IPPCIYC2019 #UK2Z4FASTEST #2019LIGHTS

Receiving Salvation is as simple as ABC: Accept the Gospel. Believe the Message. Confess the Lordship of Jesus. #ZPPC2019 #WEUZ2 #westerneuropezone2

2020 Dancing all the way!!!!!! 1st January until December 31st Celebrating 20 years of Rhapsody of Realities! *Now in Training for the Celebrations* GLORY!!!!!!!....I'm Overflowing with Blessings!

Increasing Your Prosperity: Multiplying Your Resources For Kingdom Expansion - Pastor Amaechi Udeaku When you came into the Kingdom of God you came into a Kingdom with a common wealth. Prosperity is not about you getting something  Its about you living the life of the kingdom  A man who is truly living the kingdom life, his prosperity will have no human explanation. You are not the one trying to get something  All things are yours. There is the level of giving to get. Then there is giving as one who owns all things, the giving of a steward. In Christ We have not been called to get something, but to manage what Christ has given to us. You superimpose the life of the kingdom on the earth. You don't wait for the world to give you something. You cause the world to give you something.  First step in increasing your prosperity  Renew your mind.  Prophetic Utterances  Whatever you have right now can increase You live in the supply zone. In this kingdom every one is royalty! Egypt didn't bless Joseph, Joseph blessed Egypt. That company you work in doesn't bless you, you bless that company. And He giveth more grace!!  More grace has been given you. Increase starts in your spirit. When the prophetic Word comes, it demands a response and an attitude. Your efforts are greatly graced hence forth!! The Kings business demands urgency God speaks in eternal echoes! When you wake up you can enter into it.  Act speedily on the prophetic Word. Take the prophetic Word Wear it like a jacket. Then act it. Between now and the end of the year, outgive your entire 2019!! #IPPCIYC2019  #UK2Z4FASTEST  #2019LIGHTS 

Abuja, the Blessings of IPPC2019 is now in your city, save the dates @haspa @wale.tunji @pstdipofisho @Fabwonder @adinokpako @ajibewa #ceaz #ceabujazone #ippc2019 #imcc19 #imcc2019 #ippcinyourcity #imccinyourcity #ceabujaawards #cejabichurch2

11.45pm Prayer Session Thursday 21st November #cekano #nnwz2

5am Prayer Session Friday 22nd November #cekano #nnwz2

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Wenesday 20-11-2019 service at ce village.#ewcaz4.#cevillage

They Visited! They Experienced!! They Connected with IMM Technology Solutions for 2020!!! #IPPC2019LWE #LoveWorldexhibition2019 #YouKr8 #KeepTrack #SmartReach #Stream360 For more information on IMM Technology Solutions, post your enquiries in the comments section.

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