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Happy Birthday dearest Brother Ike!!! A man full of Kindness and warmth,ever willing to help and also go the extra mile. Not to forget your kind smile always. HBD!! Enjoy your new year. Lots of Love.

Happy Birthday dearest Brother Ike!!!

With special appreciation and love to the Loveworld Secretary General, and Western Europe Regional Pastor, the very highly esteemed Pastor Kay Adesina. 🎂 Happy birthday Sir!

STARTING STRONG with the esteemed International President of The Haven was indeed phenomenal as every attendee was inspired by God's word and provoked unto greater works. Increased graced has been released and we'ld sure deliver the head of Goliath and that of his relatives during this ministry year by the power of God's Spirit. The Haven Zone B1 is matching on and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. Glory to God! We have moved...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my excellent,inspiring&audacious Dad & Mum.People imagine supernatural beings that helped them in fairy tales.You are the Supernatural beings that have helped&shaped my whole life except you're not a fairy tale but reality.I love you so much Sir/Ma

The depth and height of your spirituality is seen in your humility and love. #PJOE25 #MyPastorSaid #SonofPastorChris #GraceismyFather #CELZ4

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I just want to Celebrate this man of God here. He is full of power and love❤. Pastor my husband and I celebrate you and thank God for your vision and excellence. #VisionaryPDave #CEWINNIPEG #CEWINNIPEGCHOIR #PDAVE1121 #CEEDMONTON #CEEDMONTONGROUP #CECANADA Thank you

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Highly Esteemed Brother IK. You are Somebody, Somebody Special! Amazing Tenacity in your Labour of Love & very hard work. Faithful in all things. Overflowing with Blessings. Your Life Evergreen. Enjoy Your Birthday!!!

Thank you so much pastor ma @ptadzworld for sharing. We @twinsnationband loves and celebrate you yeebaaaly. #blessings #tak #twinnation #twinsnation #undeniable #yeebaaa #lima2019withpastorchris #lima2019

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