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Use these links to download "LIGHTS" by Pastor Saki. God bless you.

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IPPC 2019 DAY 1

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💥💥💥CELEBRATING OUR TOP 20 TAP MINISTRY CENTRES/ZONES.💥💥💥. Thank you for sponsoring Loveworld Teens Ministry Programs and Initiatives in 2019. We Love and Appreciate You Dearly! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

Happy birthday to a great General in the army of the Lord. Our highly esteemed Secretary General and our Regional Pastor We love you Sir #PKA2211

Wow, i love the new kingschat Story story story telling time Thank you guys #cemontreal #cecanada

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Don't Worry About Titles ...Greatness isn’t in your title or in the recognition you enjoy from men; it’s in the quality of your personality; who you are with God. #RhapsodyToday, #PastorChrisTeaching

Our Surveillance Camera Bulb is helping hundreds. Over 570 pieces sold in just one month. Please click on the attached link to read about the features and benefits. Believe it when i say it's a must have

Happy birthday Dad! From a very young age, I have greatly admired everything about you. You’ve been the best example of a father and a role model in every way I can think of. Your children are all very proud to call you our father, and I’m grateful that I’m your son❤️ #PKA2211

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