CE UK Virtual Zone 3: *CELEBRATING A MAGNIMUS LUMINARY* Today on KingsChat Web

*CELEBRATING A MAGNIMUS LUMINARY* Today we celebrate our Regional Pastor the Highly Esteemed Pastor Kayode Adesina, Secretary General, Loveworld Inc. A true Father, An Extraordinary Leader, Teacher of the word of God and A Beacon of Light to the nations ! On Behalf of the Pastors, Members of Deaconry, Leaders and Members, we celebrate you today Sir Thank you for your love and Infatiguable selflessness in service to God, Ministry and to our Man of God. We love you dearly #CEUKR2Z3 #CEUKR2ZONE3 #PKA2211 #PSTKAYOURADVANTAGE #THELOVEZONE


7 Days to Goooo #LWUKZ4Deriso #LWManchester #spreadingPastorUche #derisoconcert2019 #lwukz4

We are still reliving the glorious moments from the LIMA Awards 2019 on Dedications. Join us now and enjoy the Friday edition of the show. Showing on Loveworld Plus Channel! Call : +234 803 111 8975 SMS Only: +234 816 672 2359. www.loveworldplus.tv/watch Download Loveworld Plus Mobile App Today (available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on the Windows Phone Store ) #loveworldplusshines #pastorchris

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"Your rightousness must exceed the outward rightousness. Your rightousness must show in your heart. When you love, love genuinely". ~PC

My Big Sister, Loving, Kind and Fun to be with. You have been such a blessing in my life for so many years now. Thank you for your love and deep care for me, and all that concerns me. I love you so so dearly. You are one in a million, a true elixir @peachees 😍😘

It's finally here, The 3 DAY'S OF GLORY with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor Mike Wiggle in the state of Ohio, am on my wayyyyyyyyyy #3DaysOfGloryWithPastorMike  #CETXZONE2 #CECINCINNATI  #CECOLUMBUS  #CEAKRON #CEOFPITTSBURGH  #CEOFOREGON

🤸🤸🤸7days to go #lwukz4deriso #derisoconcert2019 #lwukz4 #SpreadingPastorUche

HBD Pastor sir.Our highly esteemed Sec Gen.Thank you so much sir for all the good work. You are full of love and care.Your commitment and dedication to our man of God are so inspiring. As your years increase so shall your strength. You will always be celebrated sir. Congrats sir

Celebrating Our Highly Regional Pastor. Congratulations Sir!

ZPPC DAY2: Morning Session at CE NORTH CYPRUS Photo Speaks: #ZPPC2019 #WEUZ2 #westerneuropezone2

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