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Happy birthday my mother, teacher, I love you so much, with you MA I can't tell how far I can fligh..

ZPPC 2019!!! Happening now @ Loveworld Grounds,Isolo with several thousands gathered for a great time of inspiration and impartation. It's still a celebration of lights in CE Lagos Zone 2. Watch out for more updates on 2019 ZPPC here!



THIS INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE BIBLE! Let’s increase the knowledge of God’s Word everywhere especially by sending Bibles to those in Prisons and IDP camps, who can’t afford one. Happening this Sunday, 24th of November 2019.


What a Mighty God we serve

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Happy birthday to our Highly Esteemed Secretary General LoveWorld Nation. Thank you sir for your love and care. Thank you Sir for being a great inspiration and blessing to all of us. We love and appreciate you dearly Sir #CEGabon #EWCAZ4

A WORD FOR YOU FROM OUR MOST REVEREND: YOU ARE GOD'S VOICE IN AND TO YOUR WORLD; WILL YOU SPEAK FOR HIM TODAY? '...God has cast off all restraints in the pursuit of souls. Every hindrance is removed. They cannot even resist the wisdom with which you speak and we have the grace for retainership. Say it aloud, "I have the grace for retainership!" Remember, angels are watching and we must do a thorough job. God always has a voice in every generation.' (Exhortation at AMC Leaders' & Partners' Meeting - 22/11/19) Take the charge; accept the Lord's challenge; be God's voice in your world today, His outstretched arm to give meaning to someone's life and bring them into His purpose for them... REACH OUT AND WIN A SOUL TODAY, AND BRING HIM/HER TO CHURCH TOMORROW TO BE RECEIVED INTO GOD'S FAMILY! You'd be amazed at how receptive they would be as you share God's love with them. MARK 16:20 - And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. I'm watching out for your testimonies as we celebrate souls in all our churches this Sunday. God bless you. - Rev. Tom

“The comfort you so seek, someone else has sacrificed it” Rev. Tom - 14th February 2013, 7.41pm

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