Amador Serneo: Praise God! CEDONVALLEY is growing on KingsChat Web

Praise God! CEDONVALLEY is growing and it's a full pack service today.

Praise God! CEDONVALLEY is growing

Celebrating the king David of our time.We rejoice with you today. Happy birthday sir..we love you.

Happy birthday dear Pastor Sir, I love youuuu. Congratulations!!!

💥 More Highlights of the Glorious Grace Sunday Service with our Group Pastor Kobby Saah 💥 #CECalgaryNE #CECAN

Celebrating a legend of grace. Happy birthday sir. We love you.

Mypastorsaid Your default setting is wealth, confidence, excellence, health etc Happy birthday pastor sir. #PJoe25 #Sonofpastorchris #Graceismyfather

Christ Embassy Lisboa, Culto especial com Pastor Tony Aduroja. Orando pelo próximo.

Celebrating an epitom of love and grace.A father and a teacher. Happy birthday sir.

Mypastorsaid God's power can't operate in you beyond your mind. Happy birthday pastor sir. I love you sir! #PJoe25 #Sonofpastorchris #Graceismyfather

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

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