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Happy Birthday Pastor sir.. Thank you for all you did for me sir... church was indeed sweet. I love you sir.

Happy Birthday Pastor sir.. #celebratingphs... you are a father...

Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed pastor sir. Working with you was fun, Amazing and incredible.. I love you sir

Am want meef with keanureevers

Happy Birthday Sir! #celebratingphs112

Forward and upward only

#DecemberCommunionService with pastor Chris #CEEGWEAMA #ISLANDGROUP #NSSZ1 #NSSR

Updated her profile photo

TIMELESS WORDS FROM OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD, PASTOR CHRIS AT THE DECEMBER GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE! 🔸Serving Jesus Christ begins by understanding why He came. What was Jesus looking for and why? Jesus thought that we were important to God so He came to save us. He came to deliver us and give us life. Most of all, the purpose is to bring us into fellowship with God 🔹 The greatest thing a human being could ever know is to be in fellowship with God, to be in oneness with Him; where you can relate with God as one that you know and who knows you. 🔸Until and unless you discover your purpose for life, you haven’t truly lived. 🔹The Holy Spirit is a person.  You can’t describe the Holy Spirit outside the Word, you’ll be so wrong. Never try to use your mind to describe the Holy Spirit. He is way bigger than your mind. Stay glued for more updates... #CEAMC

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