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We are a chosen Generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people to show forth the praises of him who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light!!!!!♥️♥️♥️

We are a chosen Generation,
Fortunate Manjemanje



Bro Tumijoseph



I’m a simple person, I liked to treat people the way are want to be treated too

#YourloveworldSpecialsWithPastorChris 📌 GLORY! WHAT A GLORIOUS WRAP! You Are Exalted O Lord Above All Heavens (2ce) And Your Glory Is Above All The Earth (2ce) Accelerating To Global Prayer & Fasting From Saturday, 1st To Monday 3rd May In The Year Of Preparation Royal Priesthood #CELVZ #TheMonthOfTruth #TheYearOfPreparation

Yourloveworld Specials With Pastor Chris Grand Finale. Season 3 Phase 3 Day 5 Live From New York USA Online Missions Partnering Ministry #ism #Lwnet #Yourloveworld

Happy dear brother Collins. You are the blessed of the Lord. I love you.

My Father! My Father! #YourLoveWorld #CEAccraGhanaZone #SouthAmericaRegion

HALLELUJAH for this Epoch #YourloveworldSpecial with PASTOR and our Highly Esteemeed Regional Pastor was on set 🌏💃🌟🕺 #CeAccraGhanaZone

Still celebrating these Amazing Soldiers of Christ on their successful graduation from Foundation School. I'm excited 4y'all & immensely grateful 2 God 4D move of the Spirit in ur lives. Its D start of great things, watch out guys! CE Love Church, Barking is proud of you all💕

Still celebrating my adorable Pastor Esohe. Loving, lovable, kind and inspiring. Thank you for your exemplary life of service... I remember the first time I saw you in Church back then - always serving, then and now. 50 sure looks good on you. I love you 💖

📽👑😇LIVE NOW: CHRONICLES OF PROPHECY POST ANALYSIS. Watch Yvonne Katsande, Hillary Panashe and Progress Palmsprings as they unpack divine ministration from the just concluded Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris Season 3 Phase 3. Live now on #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

💎EXCERPT FROM TODAY'S "YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS SEASON 3 PHASE 3 - [DAY 5]" WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSc. DD 📌The Man Of God, Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD, launches out on a new and higher level with this insightful expose on 'THE LIFE OF THE SAINTS'. 📌Pastor Chris announces special 3 days of prayer and fasting from May 1st to May 3rd 2021. ✍We have reached a lot of people during this period, it's important to follow them up and get them established in the Gospel. We were trained for these days, we were raised for these times. ✍ "It's always the spiritual first, you must accept the spiritual first and then you will see the material or physical." ✍When God made man; He created the spirit first before forming the outward man from the dust. The spirit is the most important. ✍In the millennial period, the Jews are going to be priest of the Lord. They're the ones taking the message to all nations. ✍A royal priest is a high priest, a ruling priest. ✍When Jesus returns for the millennial reign, He will build His temple by Himself in Jerusalem. ✍The Church age is the regeneration, while the millennial is the restoration. ✍Jesus is a king priest after the order of Melchizedek; His reign is endless. He had made us kings and priest unto God. ✍️If you can offer sacrifices of Praise to God, there is no limit to what you can achieve. 💥David will be king again in the millennial. 🔸️🔸️🔸️🔸️ #YourLoveWorldWithPastorChris #CELZ4

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