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Yes o! The winning team. Guardian of lights! #guardianoflights #rangersoflights #CESAPELE #WHEREGODLIVES #NSSZONE1

Yes o! The winning team. Yes o! The winning team. Yes o! The winning team. Yes o! The winning team.

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CELEBRATING MY PASTOR, MENTOR, LIFE COACH, PASTOR. Thank you sir for your love, your words sir are sharper than any two edged sword. Thank you for giving me the word of God in its purest form. I love you sir

Bishop Chikancy & Testimony please give Pastor TT his data back please 😂😂😂 This is so fun #RangersofLight #offer7

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#guardianoflights #rangersoflights #CESAPELE #WHEREGODLIVES #NSSZONE1

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Happy birthday pastor Chris.

Happy Birthday To our Father, Mentor and Visionary. Pastor Sir thank you for answering God's call because we've become a product of it. We Love You Dearly Sir. #birthday #offer7 #dec7 #dancechallenge #blwzoneg

To the best dad I've gat. Happy birthday dad; i so much love you sir. You gave my live a meaning and this meaning is help others have a meaning too. U are the best gift I've gat

Daddy of all Daddies!!! Where are the words ooo😭😭😭 You're just everything Sirrr!! I am SUPER PROUD to be associated with you!! I can't even trade it for anything else!! I'm very privileged to have been led to you from childhood, it's been a glorious ride ever since!! #Dec7

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