Da PuBLisHeR: Happy Birthday!!! To my beloved on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday!!! To my beloved DAD like non other. Thanks for giving my life a meaning and a purpose to live for. Love you beyond words can express. #Dec7 #CelebratingmymanofGod #Celebratingadadextraordinaire #Thehavencampground #Thehavenzoneb1

Happy Birthday!!! To my beloved

#LWDayofService #LWDayofService2019 #LWDayofServiceUKregion #LWDayofServicedspukz3 #dspukzone3 #celuton

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Happy birthday pastor sir,from Ce Erhunmwunse

To my father, life coach, mentor, teacher and daddy, happy birthday to you sir. Thank you for imparting in me the investment of your personality. Kelly Karter loves you loads. You are indeed the prophet of our time and the unifiyer of the body of Christ. Cheers to my dad. πŸΎπŸ·πŸŽ‚

Happy Birthday to my Father Life coach My Teacher My Pastor We celebrate you today with the host of Heaven #ceoron #NSSZ2

Brethren from Finima 1, church giving Finima police station Bonny island Rivers state a facelift to mark the birthday of our life coach Pastor Chris. We love you sir.

Happy Birthday Sir.

Thank you my esteemed pastor, pst Peace CE Wa for the opportunity to wish my father, life coach, our great man of God pastor Christ a happy, happy birthday, you are indeed more than a blessing to me and many in the whole wide world. Am grateful sir

My dear Pastor sir, from all of us from Christ Embassy Modakeke CE ile -ife group. We are saying happy birthday to our father, teacher, life coach and mentor. We love you so dearly Sir. The ministry you have given us we will not fail you. Thank you sir #CEILEIFE #CESWVZ2

Pastor Sir, I bless heaven on this day for sending you to us on a day as this, knowing you're source of hope to millions of lives in your generation and Thank you for saying yes. I love you dearly Sir. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR. #Dec7 #celebratingourfather

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