CE Port Harcourt Zone 2: Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Lawrence on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Lawrence Ebadan. We celebrate the Prevalent word of God in your Life. Thank You for your unrelenting Passion and commitment to the work of the Ministry and the Zone. Thank You for being a son of consolation, Your impact and contributions to the work of the Zone is highly recognized and we love you dearly. Cheers to another 365 days🍷🍸🍷🍸🍷🍸 #Cephzone2 #YourLoveworld

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Lawrence
Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel


Happy birthday pastor sir , I celebrate you for being a gift to God's people , increase grace and favour upon your life and ministry , keep shining



Happy Birthday Pastor Sir!!! Thanks so much for impacting my life with the Gospel! Your humility, dedication and passion for Christ always stands you out Sir I love U dearly Sir

Duchess Favour Robinson


Happy Birthday Pastor Sir

Elohor Ohwodo


Happy birthday Pastor Sir. Congratulations on your new level.

Jane Sunday


Happy birthday sir

Pastor Pat Aniemena


Happy glorious birthday dear Pastor sir.. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you so much for your special love for me and my family. I love you always

Pastor Olatunde Oyinbo


Happy Birthday to our Esteemed and Beloved Pastor Lawrence. You are such an embodiment of Grace, Wisdom and Ministry. You are our champion at all time. We love you dearly sir. From DE-Ola & I, PTunde

Oge West


Happy Birthday Sir! God bless you more.

Special PEE


Happy illuminating birthday Sir

Pastor Joy Ubuwere


I celebrate you now and always. Happy birthday sir

Ose Oyaks


Happy birthday sir.

Pst Abby


Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Sir. Thank you for being so special. I Love you Plenty

Samuel Ogan


Happy birthday Pastor Lawrence Sir.

Taire Emmanuel Bailey


Congratulations Pst. Sir. Glorious Things Are Continually Spoken Of U Sir. Happy Birthday. #Cecitychurch.

Donovan Meremubio Moko


Happy birthday sir

Achieving Joyce


Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Sir, Thank you for your liquid love and all you do in ministry. I love and appreciate you dearly

Emmanuel Inegbenedion


Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Lawrence

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Happy birthday Pastor sir. Thank you for being a father, teacher and couch I love you sir. #ceworkerscamp #cefinima1 #cephzone2

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