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VMC Online Conference Updates #vmcoc2019 Special Presentation by Dr Nkoyo Isinenwi of VMC UK ; based on innovative solutions and the use of new forms of health technology for increased social impact as VMC volunteers.

VMC Online Conference Updates #vmcoc2019



Wat more can I say 2 my ever inspirational,multi tasking, vibrant & spiritual HOD Pst Oge Oketunji.Wit great patience she guided me in getting D work done against all odds in diz yr of lights.I love u so specially ma & 10q ma for championing our many achievements in PCDL diz yr!

ياحللللوها تكففففون حبّيتها🥺😭💗💘

Highlights of CE Botswana Group Awards. A great night of Celebrating our shining stars. Thank you so much Partners for making a huge difference in the furtherance of the Gospel in 2019, our Year of Lights #awardsnight #cebotswana #cesazone3

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We are thanking God for YOU! Through your sacrificial giving you made us sparkle all through 2019 and in this season of thanksgiving, we profusely thank our Lord for you, our STAR PARTNERS! LoveWorld TV loves and celebrates you. __________________________________

تصدقون ان الشاهي يسواكم كلكم بدون استثناء

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Pastor ma with the SWAG for Jesus and excellence of the presidential hostess team. Happy Anniversary ma, your home will always flow with blessings, love, Peace, trust, joy, prosperity and good health ma. Kayla and Olivia are great and the beat amongst their peers. I love you ma.

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