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2020 is our year of PERFECTION! Halleluyah! Our Lord is gracious and kind. 4 important things! 1. Alignment 2. Completeness 3. Excellence 4. Fruition Wow! What a year....

2020 is our year of 2020 is our year of
Joyce Phiri


Hallelujah 2020 my year of Alignment, Completness,Excellence and Fruition! Happy New Year Pastor Sir and All ,remain blessed in Jesus'Name,

Thankgod Utubor


Hallelujah 2020 is my year of Perfection

Maude Vanderpuye


Amen, my year of Perfection

Esther Oquah


This is my year of Perfection, all that I do thus year is perfected, I have an excellent spirit Glorrrrry!!!

Boukeng Stéphane Aimé


Pasteur merci beaucoup pour les pensées profonde de perfection amené à nous

Marta Livingwater


Glory be to God

Pastor PQ Derijker



Beatrice Keister


Thank you Pastor inam perfect

2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣ OUR YEAR OF PERFECTION💯% Gen 6:9, Gen 17:1 ✔God never said perfection is impossible. ✔Perfection is what God expects and demands. It is at different levels in your life. If you don't believe in it, you won't have it. ✔The Holy Spirit is able go impart your Spirit with His Word and help you journey in His purpose for your life. ✔The moment you set yourself for perfection, you'll have it. ✔To be perfect means to be flawless, without defect, complete.  ✔God said to Abraham, walk before me and be PERFECT. It is God who decides what is PERFECT. ✔In 2020, believe in Perfectionism, practice it and walk in it. Job 1:1 vs 8, Matthew 5:48, Eccl 3:14 ⭕When God does something, it is unfailing. What He does is forever. ⭕Truth and fact are two different things, too many people are living in the fact but the Lord said, walk in truth. The truth of God's perfection in your Spirit is a hidden reality. 🔘FOUR THINGS THAT ARE NECESSARY THIS YEAR🔘 There are different terms for the Word PERFECTION🅾 1⃣ ALIGNMENT ➖ This is about preparation, a re-engineering on how you operate. A training, an alignment of your will and purpose with God's will and purpose for you. 2⃣ COMPLETENESS ➖To be full, replete. You'll be so full of God's Word and there'll be a desire in your heart for the Word of God. You'll be amazed at what the Word will produce in you. You'll be so full of God's Word in 2020 until you are replete with His will. 3⃣ EXCELLENCE ➖To bring you into that consumate position. Excellence isn't what you struggle for, it is a product of your Spirit. You have an excellent Spirit, an excellent mind, negative thoughts shouldn't come through your mind; have no place for them! Your mind should be full of love, joy, peace, grace; that's what Jesus gave to you. If you live your life this way and think in this manner, imagine what your life will be.💯✔ Imagine everyday you have no thoughts of anger towards anybody, before they ask for forgiveness, you've already forgiven them. THAT'S THE LIFE JESUS GAVE YOU. In 2020, live that life!  Eph 5:1 Be imitators of God, copy Him! 4⃣ TO BRING TO FRUITION, TO COME TO A RIPENED/ MATURE STATE WHERE IT PRODUCES RESULTS ➖In 2020, you'll come to that mature state where you produce results. Luke 8:14 In 2020, no aborting of your ideas, no aborting of your Children. You will carry to fruition what God gives you. HALLELUJAH!!! #Enter2020WithPastorChris #CEAMC

Perfection time!


If you don't desire perfection, you will never get it. - Pastor Chris - #Crossover2020withPastorChris #2020Yearofperfection #CENnewi #sez2

Welcome to #2020 the year of #perfetion #CESAZ5


Four things that are necessary in 2020 • Alignment • Completeness • Excellence • Fruition

Happy New Year & Welcome to your Year of Perfection!! Hallelujah!! #enter2020withpastorChris #cekano #nnwz2

This is my year of perfection!

#HAPPENINGNOW CE Massachusetts Viewing Center on December 31st NEW YEAR EVE SERVICE with our dear man of God, Pastor Chris #CEUSARegion2 #enter2020withPastorChris

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