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Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts December 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris. Receiving New Converts. #Enter2020WithPastorChris #ceenugu1 #sez1

Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts

COMPLETE NOTE from the 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris (2020 - Our Year Of Perfection). WELCOME TO 2020 OUR YEAR OF PERFECTION. Perfection is a word that terrifies many because almost all their lives they were told no one could be perfect. God never said perfection is impossible. Perfection is what God desires and demands. Perfection is at different levels in your life. If you don’t believe in it, you’ll never have it. Perfection is not just POSSIBLE but DEMANDED. This is God’s nature It may be coming to you late in your life because you have believed it(imperfection) so long but the Holy Spirit is able to impact your spirit with His Word & Truth and help you journey in the direction of His purpose for your life. Perfection is not only possible and demanded but it’s also the nature that God has given you. The moment you set yourself to perfection you’ll have it. Genesis 6:9, Genesis 17:1 ---⋗The Hebrew rendering for the word Perfect in these 2 scriptures is ”TAMIYM” which means to be FLAWLESS, WITHOUT DEFECTS. The only reason you have grown up imperfect in your ways of doing things is because you were trained not to be perfect. Until you believe in perfection, you’ll never live it! But from 2020, you’ll believe in it, practise it and walk in it. Say Amen! Job 1: vs 1, vs 8, Matthew 5:48 Ecclesiastes 3:14 means whatever God does, continues endlessly. He does eternal, everlasting things. When God does something, it’s unfailing, nothing can be put to it or taken out of it, you cannot destroy or damage it. Something would have to happen to its nature for it to fail. Unless you understand God’s purpose, plans, dream & work, you can’t walk in the light of it. Truth and facts are 2 different things. Truth is Reality. Many are living with facts and not truth. Jesus said you shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall make you free. The TRUTH of GOD’S PERFECTION in your spirit is a hidden reality and the moment you bring it forth, you begin to walk in the light of it like you never thought possible. 4 THINGS THAT ARE NECESSARY THIS YEAR: 1. ALIGNMENT ---⋗ There is going to be an alignment. This ALIGNMENT about PREPARATION. Its a re-engineering of how you operate. Its a training because God is going to prepare you through His Word. There will be an alignment of your will and your purpose with His. God’s Word can bring you into the place of His dream for you, so get ready for that. 2. COMPLETENESS (Greek word is ”PLERO”) ---⋗ It means to be made full, to be replete. The word of God is going to be large in your system. You going to be so full of God’s Word in a brand new way because there will be a desire in your heart for the knowledge of God. You are going to desire after God’s Word in 2020 until you’re totally replete with information. 3. EXCELLENCE ---⋗ A completeness to bring you into the consummate position. Excellence is not something your struggle for and that’s why many never attain it. It’s the product of your spirit. When you let your spirit with the nature of God produce works of righteousness, you walk in excellence. You don’t strive for excellence. ”I have an excellent mind. I think excellent thoughts; thoughts of joy, love, righteousness, grace, kindness” Your mind is a tool but the tool should take feom the deposits of your spirit because God’s Word resides in your spirit and if you can pick from what God has put within your spirit and pass through your mind, what manner of person ought you to be in all holy conversation and godliness. Imagine every day you have no thoughts of anger towards anybody, what a life you’ll live. Before they ask for forgiveness, you’ve forgiven them. That’s the way to live. That’s the life Jesus came to give us. You don’t struggle to have it, you just live it. It’s your nature now. So in 2020, you’re gojng to live and walk it. You think like God. Ephesians 5:1(NIV) You can only copy Him if you know His Word. 4. TELESPHOREO(Greek rendering of the word Perfect in Luke 8:14) ---⋗ It means to bring to fruition, to come to a ripen state, to come to a matured state where it triggers a result. In 2020, your project will come to that state where it produces results. The knowledge of God’s Word in you will come to that state where it produce results. It’s specially used when a woman carries pregnancy into full term and gives birth. ”In the Name of Jesus Christ, no aborting of your ideas, no aborting of children. You will produce results to perfection. No miscarriage! What God gives you, you’ll carry to fruition in the Name of Jesus!” #YearOfPerfection #enter2020withPastorChris #NCZ1 #2020YearOfPerfection

Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts December 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris. Picture Highlights. #Enter2020WithPastorChris #ceenugu1 #sez1

LIVE Participation of NEW YEAR EVE SERVICE from CE MIMSHACH ARENA, Ibadan South Group !!! Glory To God !!! #cemimshacharena #enter2020withpastorchris #nswz1 #swregion

Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts December 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris. 2020 is a Walkover! 2020 is a Celebration! #Enter2020WithPastorChris #ceenugu1 #sez1

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Christ Embassy Church Harkers Hall St.catherine Jamaica

It was a glorious and grand entry into 2020 The Year of PERFECTION with dear man of God - Pastor Chris. HAPPY NEW YEAR. #ism #PastorChris #Aflameism #theyearofperfection #2020yearofperfection

Blessings to you Sir Our Year of Perfection!!!

Christ Embassy Enugu 1 Hosts December 31st New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris. Picture Highlights. #Enter2020WithPastorChris #ceenugu1 #sez1

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 1ST JANUARY. I affirm that I’ll never stumble or walk in confusion because God’s Word is a lamp that directs my life, and a light that lightens my path. I walk in preordained pathways, and my path is as the shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. My life has been fashioned by God for excellence. I’ve been recreated unto divine health, prosperity and the supernatural life. The Lord has His label on me; I have His very mark of perfection, certifying me whole; spirit, soul, and body! I am complete in Him. Hallelujah! I've been qualified to be perfect, righteous, holy, unblameable and unreproveable in His sight. I am yielded to the Spirit of perfection and excellence that is at work in me. My words, thoughts, and actions are detailed and flawless. I think, talk, and exude excellence, to the glory and praise of God's matchless Name. Hallelujah! I have the mind of Christ; therefore, the perfection of the Spirit works in me, for He’s called me to glory and excellence! I am perfect and flawless, lacking nothing, because as He is, so am I in this world. I am unblameable, unreproveable and complete in Christ. My life is an expression of His perfections and glory, to the praise and glory of His Name. Hallelujah! SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES NOW • Be bold to say the same things that God has said concerning you in His Word. That is what takes you beyond salvation, to enjoy the benefits of salvation ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You Can Now Reach Us On: • • God Bless You. #theyearofperfection #completeness #alignment #thankgiving #blessings #wehavemoved #lima #talkingsession #2020 #ministry #affirmationtrain #flourish #excellence #loveworld

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