NIGEL: @farlonlyte #newrelease : GREATER THAN on KingsChat Web

@farlonlyte #newrelease : GREATER THAN YESTERDAY. How profound. I simply cannot stop playing it . Thank you @farlonlyte HAPPY NEW YEAR

@farlonlyte #newrelease : GREATER THAN

It's my year of Perfection.

Genesis 17vs1

Happy New Year of Perfection! Walk with God; Follow His prescribe Order nd Be Perfect; doing Things Perfectly nd getting Perfect Results. #GraceForPerfection2020

Welcome to the year of PERFECTION Genesis 6:9, Genesis 17:1, Job 1:1, Matthew 5:48, Ecclesiastes 3:14 Perfection is what God desires in demand... #YearOfPerfection #2020 #CEUSARegion2

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP!!! Thank you so much Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Guobadia and Partners of Christ Embassy Marietta for your sponsorship. We are grateful. #LTMNetworks

Happy New Year Everybody !!!

Happy New Year #blwzonej #happynewyear #2020 #theyearofperfection

Happy Birthday Dearest Bro Eddy Godwin What a perfection of God.Excellent and Exceptionally Gospel Activist. Thank you for standing in gap always in prayers and leading God's People follow God through our Man Of God. I celebrate you Always. God Bless you

Our year of perfection

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