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#Jan5th2020PFCS The priestly ministry of a believer! Direction Prayers Communion More Grace......

#Jan5th2020PFCS The priestly ministry of

Happy New Year of Perfection in Jesus'Name.

JANUARY 5TH  PRAYER FESTIVAL & COMMUNION SERVICE  PRAYER POINTS FOR THURSDAY JANUARY 2, 2020 (3 DAYS TO GO) THE IMPACT OF THE WORD Pray that as the word comes forth, the Spirit of God will convict the sinner of sin and they will receive the word into their spirits and be saved.  Declare that every word that our man of God speaks on that day will be confirmed with signs and wonders following. He will not speak with excellency of speech or enticing words of man’s wisdom, but with the demonstration of God’s Spirit and power. John 8:9, 1 Corinthians 2:1-4   THE MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S POWER AND HEALING AT THE PROGRAM Declare that no one diseased, infirmed or afflicted will go back the same, there will be a supernatural manifestation of God’s Spirit beyond human imagination, the gifts of faith and workings of miracles would be evident, such that every sick person will be healed. Declare that everyone that receives their healing will keep it and live in divine health. We declare that healing angels will sweep the crowd dissolving sicknesses and infirmities from bodies and minds of the people, the whole venue will vibrate under the intensity of God’s healing power, such that the very air people breathe in will produce healing because of the anointing.  Declare that growths will disappear, deformed bones will be rearranged and bodies will be made whole, the blind will see, the lame will walk, and terminal diseases will be completely healed. That outpouring will be such as never been seen in the history of Lagos and around the world. Mark 6:56, Acts 2:43, Matthew 14:36  

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Get ready for the Prayer Festival and Communion With Pastor Chris. Kindly register today. #Jan5th2020PFCS

Your perception has everything to do with your progression. Like an eagle, get above the situation/ storm in your life. Walk on top what others sink into. Money follows people, people follow their dreams. That's the right order. *We Source * We Procure * We Ship *We Deliver

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Get ready for the Prayer Festival and Communion With Pastor Chris. Kindly register today. #Jan5th2020PFCS

Yayyyyyyy!!! It is a newwwww year!!! Welcome to 2020 our year of perfection. Hmmmmm... let me see🤔. January is the month of resolutions. The usual suspect :- I want to lose weight this year!! I must lose 20kg by end of January. Then we get to June and we find that we are 20kg heavier. Or, I want to pray more, study more, listen more!!! then you find yourself 6 months later knowing more about the Tottenham fc players, coaching team and board members than about the new year message. “Did Pastor Chris really say that!!” You shout when you hear someone sharing a testimony on how they used that word to prosper. Nugget alert!! Pastor Chris said that by March, our achievements of three months would look to us like a whole year. My interpretation:- I will accomplish all of my existing 2020 goals by March. Meaning that I have to raise my bar and dream higher. I found a long time ago that anything God allows me to dream about, I can achieve. The fact my mind can comprehend it, means that I can achieve it. Question most times is how. One day, Pastor Chris called me and put me out of my misery regarding that question. He said “Tony 3 things you need: Administration, Discipline and Consistency” 3 things I need to achieve my dreams. I throw to you today, the #3in12challenge. Hitting your 12 month goals in 3 months. In my next post, we start with administration. So this is PTI Live!! My KC Superuser page. Thank you dear Pastor Rita for my new year gift. ( I am still experimenting with the page title sha, so if you wake up and the name has changed, still follow ) Follow me for my random thoughts; my rantings; my interviews (yup, I intend to do interviews 🤓); my selected memes ( hmmmmm... so you thought all Father Christmas were Christians abi?); my quotes for the moment and my playlists. My playlist:- Song:- All over me Artist:- Joepraize Album:- Most high 2015 Song:- All over the world Artist:- Joepraize Album:- Most high 2015 See ya

Therefore, refuse to limit yourself to the world’s perception of you. What your creator thinks of you is all that matters. He sees you at your best; therefore, live your best; be the best of you for Him in your world! ROR January 2nd, 2020.

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