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#Highlights Zonal Staff Training with PTAD Wednesday, 8 Wednesday 2020 PERSONAL STUDY OF THE WORD. ~You've got to keep the word of God before you always. ~The word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. ~Let the word of God dwell in you richly. ~Be filled with the maximum load of God. ~Learn to start your day right and ending your day right with the word. ~Always go to bed on a very high note in your Spirit. #Cekenyazone #Perfection

#Highlights Zonal Staff Training with #Highlights Zonal Staff Training with #Highlights Zonal Staff Training with #Highlights Zonal Staff Training with #Highlights Zonal Staff Training with

On name The Lord Jesus Christ Son of God

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Day 18 The Glory of God is working in my life. I see the glory of God in my life. #yearofperfection #100daysoffaithproclamations #pastorchrisgeneration #keepsayingit #ceilorin1 #nncz2

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WEDNESDAY EVENING SERVICE WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED MOST REVEREND AT CE CENTRAL CHURCH DURUMI. - 8TH JANUARY 2020 ➡️Don't do things anyhow in the house of God, it is our Year of Perfection. There's a glory that follows you when you do things excellently and perfectly. ➡️It is very important to know how to take possession of what belongs to you and how to position yourself to get the best of what God has for you. ➡️This year, make up your mind not to get involved in any unproductive venture. ➡️Anything you get involved in is supposed to work, whatever you start should grow. ➡️There are no such places as strategic places, it is only in the thinking of men. The Holy Spirit is the extraordinary startegist, if you listen to Him, He will tell you what to do to be ahead. Strategy is of the Spirit. ➡️As one with Christ, you are blessed, it is left for you to walk in the blessing. ➡️Make up your mind to produce results. Sympathizers will keep you settled in a low state of poverty. ➡️When God's word is given concerning you, you have the responsibility to work the Word. ➡️The poor you'll always have with you because there will always be people who wouldn't hid instruction, therefore they'll remain poor. ➡️You are not limited by your salary; break out of that box. ➡️Live and operate by the Supernatural economy; do not be limited by your salary. ➡️You can be as bold, strong, healthy, wealthy as you want to be. God says, 'If you will only let Me help you, if you will only obey, I will make you rich'. ➡️Give yourself to the Word of God and watch what will happen with your life. ➡️Walk in the consciousness of your identity with Christ. Take your times of meditation, Rhapsody Reading and attendance to services seriously and you will make much more progress this year. ➡️Do not be limited by the mentality of the world; get out of that level. 1 Timothy 4:15 ➡️Make sure your life is aligned in the right direction. Alignment will prevent you from veering off the path that God has predestined for you to walk in. ➡️Deliver yourself to the Word of God. If you are casual about the Word of God, the angels will be casual about you. ➡️As you give yourself to God's Word this year, your profiting, and advancement will be evident to all. ➡️If you are walking in the right path, even though there may be obstacles on the way, it is a walkover! HALLELUJAH!!! #CEAMC

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#Highlights Zonal Staff Training with the Esteemed Zonal Director Wednesday, 8 Wednesday 2020 Working in ministry is more about functioning in God's calling for you. #Cekenyazone #Perfection

I am of God and for God, I belong to God completely, no man can take my place, no woman can take my place. I am irreplaceable. Thank you Jesus

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