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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

10 DAYS TO GO!!! THE GLOBAL RHAPATHON WITH PASTOR CHRIS IS HERE. Taking place on all LoveWorld Networks, the Rhapsody App and Rhapsody websites, the 5-day epochal program will hold on Monday, Jan 20th to Friday, Jan 24th, by 10 am & 5 pm (GMT+ 1) respectively, each day. These life-changing meetings will showcase and celebrate the impact, spread and influence of Rhapsody fo Realities in every continent on earth. Here's how you can start preparing for the Rhapathon with Pastor Chris: ✍ Joining the publicity: Spread the Word! ✍ Pray along with us. Visit for more information. ✍  Send us your Rhapsody testimonies or your experience with Rhapsody of Realities within the past 20 years on And also post on kingschat using the following hashtags: #MyRhapsodyStory #YourZone #Yourcity To download the Rhapsody App now, visit Let's have an early start as we take advantage of the grace in this year of Perfection!  God bless you. #rhapsody #rhapathon2020

Updated her profile photo

Applauding Christ Embassy Uyo! Thank you so much for your commitment to sponsor the power needs of Loveworld Plus. You are indeed an armour bearer and your seed will yield much fruit in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A huge thank you to all our clients for an amazing 2019. The perfect year, 2020 is here, and by the Holy ghost we will accomplish much more this year. Happy new year!!!

CONFESSION CORNER - THURSDAY 9TH FEBRUARY  🗣🗣🗣DECLARE NOW!!!  I affirm that I am mightily blessed of the Lord. My life is the testimony of God’s blessings, and miracles. Daily, I am loaded with the benefits of salvation. I am highly favored of the Lord in all that I do. God’s supply-system is set in motion on my behalf. The blessing of the Lord that makes rich without sorrow is at work in me; therefore, I can never be broke or walk in lack. My heart’s desires are granted me as I delight myself in the Lord. Even now, I receive my supply for today. Hallelujah. The Holy Spirit has granted me the supernatural advantage in life. I’ve been divinely enabled to walk in righteousness, prosperity, health, success, and victory. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I walk in greatness and superabundance today. Thank you Father for the power to determine what comes into my world. I disallow every kind of illegal transaction in my life. I vehemently refuse sickness, poverty, death, and everything that hurts and binds. Only things that are consistent with the God-life are permitted in, and around me, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES NOW. "Learn to talk your money up; talk your family up; talk your business up;talk your health up."- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD #ConfessionCorner #30DaysPrayerandFasting #CEPHZONE3


Updated her profile photo

This is our year of perfection. We are walking in alignment with the Purpose of God, In Completeness and Excellence, bringing our goals and aspirations to Fruition. Glory be to God. Hallelujah! #VisionConference2020 #UKZ1R2 #YearOfPerfection

Listening to the New year message has been a sublime experience and everyone needs to listen to it. Have you shared the New Year message with anyone? #loveworldmediavideos #PCDL #newyearmessage

Thank you!!!

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