Bridget Oriazowanlan: #LWCGI #CELZ5 #CEAJIWE trained to on KingsChat Web

#LWCGI #CELZ5 #CEAJIWE trained to evangelise my world.

#LWCGI #CELZ5 #CEAJIWE trained to

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"WALKING IN PERFECTION" Special series with Pastor Amaechi "The perfecting of the saints is the culture of perfection given to perfect people." "This life of perfection is like the life of God. The life of God is a life of Glory... Ever increasing glory; From glory to glory, Faith to faith, from one level of perfection to another. #cephzone1 #specialProg #2020yearofperfection #beyondwrittenpages #TheHappyChurch #BoundlessGrace

We are so ready. Glory to God #ewcaz3 #Rhapathon2020 #CERwanda

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I am a perfect being of a perfect God. #YearOfPerfection

#lwcgi I have moved. Thank you To our Man of God Thank you to our beautiful CEO Thank you to the CGI Team. I love you all

Celebrating my one and only Love.Words are not enough to describe you, your love for me and our lovely children.In this new year of perfection, greater achievement in all you do.This is just the beginning because greater testimonies awaits you.Nations are waiting for u.I love you

Alignment: Reengineering of how I operate. God is going align my will and purpose with that of his. I am ready. #YearOfPerfection

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