Nigerian North East Virtual Zone 1: We are live!!!! Join us on KingsChat Web

We are live!!!! Join us now #celebrating20yearsofimpactwithrhapsodyofrealities #rhapathon2020 #nnez1

We are live!!!! Join us
Pastor Taomi Junias Myato



Shola Adope


Glory to God

#rhapsodyofrealities #rhapathon2020 #nssz1 #cesapele #cesapelecitycentregroup

Live participation from #ceerediauwa #cebeninzone1 during the Rhapathon with Pastor Chris "We are those who bring water out of the rock." Participate now using the link: >>> - Watch - Pledge - Give #rhapsodyat20 #cebeninzone1

We are of them who bring water out of the rock! Pastor Chris

Happy Birthday J-Man Jaysonnnn! You are such a precious helper and amazing spirit. Your life is from grace to grace and from glory to glory. You are a burning and a shining light and a blessing to your world. We are so excited at what God is doing in and with you in this new decade and beyond. You'll surely do great things for God. We love you so dearly! All of us💝😘🥰🙌

Somebody may be keeping your stuff, but God knows who owns it.... All things are Yours... #Rhapathon2020 #Rhapsodyofrealities #Cephzone2

A mother like you, no eye have seen no ear heard nor mouth spoken of

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Happy wedding anniversary esteemed Pastor Sir and Ma. We love you dearly. Thank you for a union that is so inspiring. #ewcaz5 #cenunguagh #ewca

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Rhapathon hot and sizzling in CE Kuje 2

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