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How can you forgive someone who has hurt you? Shamed you? Lied to you? Taken advantage of you? Is it even possible? Are some actions unforgivable? Forgiveness is possible through the word of God and the love of Christ! This week on ⚡️RECHARGE⚡️, Jennel shared her testimony on how she was able to forgive the person who sexually assaulted her many years ago. Her testimony will inspire you to let go of the grudge and bitterness you have been harbouring in your own heart for many years. You will receive the courage to forgive irrespective of the offence or circumstance, and take the first-step towards your healing and happiness! Dearest Jennel, thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony! We love you ever so dearly! Visit our YouTube Channel to watch this inspiring testimony and many more! https://www.youtube.com/christembassytorontonorthyork #HappyNewYear #TheYearofPerfection #CENorthYorkGroup #CENorthYork #RECHARGE

How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone How can you forgive someone
EMPEROR Huios Of God


Beautiful testimony

Pastor Taba Peña


A beautiful testimony of God’s love and courage! Super proud of you dearest Jennel! 💜💜💜

Jennel Reid ~HUIOS OF GOD👸


God is soo wonderful. I thank him for this opportunity to share, to be able to help others. Thank you also Pastor Richard and Taba for the opportunity, and thanks everyone for your kind words of support! God bless you all

Natasha Plummer


Thank you sister Jennel for sharing your amazing testimony. You truly a woman of God . Many life has been transformed. And many soul were saved in Jesus name amen.💕🙏

Dcns Molly- Huios of God


Thank you Sis Jennel sharing your Awsome Testimony. You truly demonstrated the Love and character of Christ. You looked away from everything that distracted you like Jesus. Disposing and ignoring the shame that you endured, knowing that you are his prize his treasure. You found the strength to Forgive.No more hurts, lies or disadvantages. Healing , happiness and joy is yours. I know the Love of Christ in you and by the power of the Holy Spirit. You reached out to someone who is hurting, so that they also can find healing, happiness and joy. Thank you. 💞

Junior reid~HUIOS OF GOD


Hallelujah! How powerful is the ability to love and dispense love towards others.Indeed the love of God is shed abroad in our hears by the Holy Ghost and we dispense his love to our world today.

Sindiswa Huios Of GOD


What a beautiful testimony indeed!Thank you past Richard Sir for such s great previllage.I am so inspired and blessed by your testimony sis Jennel .God bless you so mightly sis ❤🙏🙏

HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO A PERFECT COUPLE! Happy Wedding Anniversary to the highly esteemed Pastor Ambrose and Pastor Dupe Isesele. We celebrate a perfect and blessed Union that is changing lives all around the world. Thank you for being an oasis of God's love to the LoveWorld nation and to ministers of the Gospel at the International School of Ministry. We love you dearly! #ism

DAY 33 I Live In Blessing. I'm Blessing Conscious. #100daysoffaithproclamation #keepsayingit #ceilorin1

Happy Birthday dearly beloved Rev. Ray sir! Thank you for your fatherly love always and for being a passionate follower of our dear man of God. I love you sir! Happy Happy Birthday!

We celebrate our Mother We celebrate Love We celebrate Joy We celebrate greatness #celebratingalegend2020

Shine on Mum You Rock. Happy Perfect Birthday to you Ma. I love you. #LMAM #CEAMC

Abuja City gates are blazing with excitement as the whole world stand to honour a LEGEND. Let it be told in the market places, sounded on every platform, sang on every lip, that it's Evangelist KATTY's birthday. We love you dearly ma. #Psalm23 #ekw #LMAM #Ceamc

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Happy birthday my dear sister Audrey.You are a bundle of joy to the body of Christ. Perfection at its top level. #cecanadaregion. #cemontrealndg

Love personified!Passion...Happy birthday moooommmyyy!!!I love you so much.Thank you for the countless opportunities you've given me to be a blessing to nations of the world.Thank you for the opportunities you've given me to serve.I love heavily and strongly!!!!😘🥰 #Psalm23

CELEBRATING AN EXCELLENT COUPLE! Happy Wedding Anniversary to our dear esteemed Pastor Vale and Pastor Awele Odu-Thomas. We celebrate your Union which continues to inspire and bless millions of ministers at the International School of Ministry. Thank you for all you do at the ISM. Glorious things are spoken of you and your paths will keep shining brighter unto the perfect day! We love and celebrate you today and always! #ism

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