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In Defense of Donald Trump Legal experts examine the strongest and weakest points of his case.

In Defense of Donald Trump

DNA Collection at the Border Threatens the Privacy of All Americans We’re one step closer to the “genetic panopticon” that Antonin Scalia warned us about.

The Revolution Comes to Davos At the anti-capitalist capitalist event, radical sentiments erupt in unexpected places.

Andy Byford’s Work Is Not Done Now it’s up to Governor Cuomo to build on the departing subway chief’s impressive progress.

36 Hours in Honolulu Beyond the beach in the Hawaiian capital, where new takes on traditional dishes, in-depth local history museums and a kitschy cocktail (or two) are on the itinerary.

Brains Turned to Glass? Suffocated in Boathouses? Vesuvius Victims Get New Look Two studies examined grim scenes left at a Roman settlement devastated by the 79 A.D. eruption.

Is America Ready for Another Outbreak? No. But there are clear steps the government needs to take.

Alan Dershowitz: Why I’m Defending Trump The lawyer explains why he now believes that a crime is required for impeachment.

Trump Is Abusing His Tariff Power, Too More contempt for the rule of law.

Day 3 of Mr. Trump’s Trial: The Legal Seminar The House managers walked the Senate jury through the constitutional and historical basis for the president’s impeachment.

Joe Biden Is Stronger Than You Think Here’s why he is still winning.

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