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The future now is secure #ycph2020 #blwcampusministryrocks

The future now is secure

1 MILLION RHAPSODY OUTREACHES It's not just about distributing. It's a seed. And where that seed is planted, it prospers and becomes a shade for everyone that comes to it. -Pastor Deola Phillips #Rhapathon2020 #GlobalRhapathonwithPastorChris

We are live!! https:rhapsodyofrealities.org/nez1 #rhapsodyofrealities #rhapathon2020 #celebrating20yearsofimpactwithrhapsodyofrealities #nnez1

This is the substancing this! The mattering thing! #ycph2020 #blwcampusministryrocks

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1 MILLION OUTREACHES πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Taking it out in Hundreds!!! Passion Mixed With Action !!! What A Seed !!! This Is My Personal Responsibility !!! Thank you Jesus !!! #rhapsody #rhapathon2020 #Celebrating20YearsOfImpactWithRhapsodyOfRealities

ARE YOU TUNED INTO DAY 5 MORNING SESSION OF RHAPATHON WITH PASTOR CHRIS ON LOVEWORLDSAT? Tune in now to watch : www.loveworldsat.org/live-tv _ #loveworldsat #rhapathon

Watch the morning session of Rhapathon with Pastor Chris #day5, showing onΒ  Loveworld Plus Channel! To be a Rhapsody of Realities partner and also join the 1 million Rhapsody outreaches campaign, Call: +234 1 631 1806 SMS Only: +234 816 241 2980. www.loveworldplus.tv/watch #PastorChris #perfection #loveworldplus.tv

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Happy birthday to my Perfectionist Father; @Pwales Thank you sir for birthing me into ministry and for putting in me the zeal to serve God for the rest of my life. You are an uncommon blessing to me I will immensely celebrate YOU! I love you by force, My Father! My Father!!

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