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Today,we celebrate an Icon of excellence. Thank you for continuously bringing out the best in us you're the best Dad anyone will have#sevz1

Today,we celebrate an Icon of

Happy Father's day to my Father, Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas.Your fatherly role in my life has been overwhelmingly flourishing. Thank you Sir.

Congratulations to my new converts.

Happy Father's day to my father, my teacher and great coach. You took me and something beautiful out of my life.

Your love for me with meekness can be felt. Happy to have you as my pastor. Happy father's day. I love you sir.

Happy Father's Day to our Beloved Regional Pastor, Rev Tom. Thank you for your inspiring leadership. I love you.

Happy Fathers Day to the greatest father in the world. Thank you sir for teaching us the word and inspiring us to put the word to work. Today we have become champions and victors all over the world. We celebrate you today all over the BLW Nation as the world's best DAD.

Happy Father's Day to all the handsome, powerful & Flourishing Dads all around the's such an honour & awesomeness. Plentyluv

Happy Father's day Pastor sir. I love you sir.

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Happy FATHER'S day. Love you sirBlw#blwzonec #ce #pastorfreedomwealtheriya #cod #campusministry #love #family #servitude

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