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A MUST WATCH!!! In this powerful and compelling excerpt from THE MESSAGE OF THE WEEK, CULTIVATING A SPIRIT OF PRAYER, Pastor Chris touches on the desire to live spiritually and save others as a reason why we must pray. Get the full message from the Pastor Chris Digital Library App. Click on the link above to purchase a PCDL voucher instantly. #loveworldmediavideos #PCDL #messageoftheweek #cultivatingaspiritofprayer #prayer #yearofperfection #perfection #monthofsongs

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Remember it our year of perfection and so do perfect things by registering for the conference and help spread the news #HSPN #Hspnoc #AUTUMM SESSION 2020 #Healing to the nation's

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What are you wating for/ one tell all as you help spread the news of the healing school online PRAYER conference and noise it abroad/glory

Count up to the healing school online PRAYER conference #make it a date to remember #19-21 #HSPN #hspnoc #AUTUMM SESSION 2020 #Healing to the nation's

#VISION400 Inspired: CHRIST EMBASSY OWERRI CELL MINISTRY DAY OF BLISS PRAYER CHAIN. 🕓February 22nd 2020 Prayer Theme : Manifestation of God’s Healing Power in All The Venues 1. We thank God for the healing virtue which will be present at the different venues during this program such that outstanding healings will take place in a major scale; such healing will also be recorded as our brethren evangelize and invite people with our fliers. We declare that every sick person will get healed; all terminal diseases completely healed and a visible outpouring of the healing unction during this program. (Luke 8:46; Luke 6:19). 2. Thank God for the Spirit of Faith that will be ignited as they hear the word of God from our Cell leaders; they will come out of every unpleasant health condition and become totally and permanently healed. We declare an evident and visible transformation on their bodies and their countenance through the quickening power of God’s word will be altered (Mark 6:56; John 5:4; Luke 17: 13-16; Matt 8:8).

HAPPENING NOW: AN EVENING OF BLESSINGS WITH PASTOR JOY IN THE PHILIPPINES! The Guests are Ready! The City is Ready! The Holy Spirit is Ready! We are ready for an unforgettable evening of blessings! Glorrrry!!! More updates still to come... #AnEveningofBlessings #PastorJoyinPhilippines #CEPHZONE3

📖📜📚 Came across this scripture the other day and I can't get it out of my spirit's meditations. "...remember the Lord afar off, and let Jerusalem come into your mind." ~ Jeremiah 51:50 #ThoughtForTheDay #monthofsongs

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Ne ratez pas la session finale du Rhapaton Global " Reloaded avec Pastor Chris" Une rediffusion de 24 heures Regardez la 10 ème session ( de la 5 ème journée , de la session du soir ), c'est TOUTE LA JOURNÉE Regardez et amener les autres à regarder sur toutes les Plates formes de la Rhapsodie et sur Amenez votre partenariat à la prochaine dimension

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