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Ready for DAY 2 ... Ready for DAY 2 ...

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Sade Imoagene. I celebrate you today and always. I love you dearly.

Thank you heavenly father for a blissful day like this, thank you for our Cell meetings all over CEPHZONE2.I declare the brethren will participate with Joy from their spirit in the name of Jesus Christ,using Grace Cell as a point of contact.#CEPHZONE2.

MY DAILY CONFESSIONS Saturday 15/2/2020 #saythiswithme I speak wholesome, life-giving and excellent words; words that are consistent with the glorious life I have in Christ . I walk in health, strength, and vitality. I make supernatural progress, I win always, and I'm productive in all that I do. The word of God is my confidence and authority; therefore, I refuse to be moved by circumstances of life. I have the results that I desire as the word of God is mixed with faith in my heart and spoken out of my mouth with authority and boldness. Hallelujah!

Happy, super, glorious birthday of perfection @gracias10 The zeal of ur Father's house has consumed u with increased grace, multiplied peace with prosperity, joy unspeakable & full of glory. Enjoy agelessness. God bless u & I love u #cephzone2 #lmamph #lmam #pastorchrisgeneration

Lwcity 11/02/2020 Sometimes your life may not look pretty but if you are born again then you need not worry because: 1. God has a PLAN God has a plan for your life and he is building according to that plan, what is currently unclear will become even clearer as you trust him and follow his plan. 2. He needs your cooperation for his plans to come to fruition in your life. Your faith is the response to his word. 3. He is a wise Master builder and has all the skills and materials necessary to build a magnificent edifice of your life. 4. Give him time as you do and follow his plan. Success is a road, not a destination. Do the word consistently over a period of time and see his plan unfold 5. Always keep the finished work in your mind as you go. Focus on the plan and build accordingly #peeayforever #cephzone1 #lwcity#build#faithjucnction


ITS 6 DAYS TO THE EDO MUSIC CARNIVAL Join us to pray today (15th February, 2020) 👉 *Salvation/Church growth* • Declare outstanding growth in all our churches across zone 1 by reason of this program. • Thank God for every soul, declaring that they are disciplined and committed to the vision of the ministry. • Pray that men are added into the kingdom of God as a result of this program. Our PCFs, cells, outreaches and departments are enlarged as those won get stabilized in the cells system and departments. • Declare that every VIP invited for the program will attend the program and as a result they will remain with us. 👉 *Transportation* –Job 32:8, 1 Cor. 1:30, Eph 1:8 • Declare that our transportation arrangement is seamless and flawless. • Pray that those involve in the arrangement are guided by the wisdom of God. • Declare that we get the buses at the cheapest price possible. 👉 *Security* –psalm 91:1, • Pray for the protection of lives and properties at the program. Declare that no live or property will be lost. • Declare that the security personnel functions by the leading of God’s spirit in discharging their duties. #emc2020 #cebeninzone1 #AllAboutJesus #monthofsongs

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Outreach held at Adamawa State University Mubi . By Christ Embassy Mubi North East viture Zone 1

Learn and laugh with YourLaughWorld😉😂 #YourLaughWorld #LaughWorldTV

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