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Amazing testimonies from the ongoing Healing School Online Prayer Conference... Wow! Are you watching? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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Dean Aldesr


Islam is the only religion supported by science and logic today.  Islam came with a solution 1400 years ago, to which the world had not sought refuge except after the outbreak of the Crohn’s disease. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, ordered a quarantine and an order to wash the organs that touch others at least five times a day, and that during the prayer, you will not find any other religion.  Islam touches the concerns of society and puts solutions for it.  You can search in the shadow of the religion of Islam, feel safe, happy and not afraid of the future

PD™ Lights


Indeed Pastor! Thank you Sir

Dean Aldesr


My friend, the embrace of  the celebrities of the West in Islam is an invitation to you to get to know Islam and hear the Quran from them to realize that happiness (Jennifer you.!

Pastor Ezekiel


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Ologun Bamiyo


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Flourishian Esther


Glory To GOD forevermore, Amen

Princess Charles


Yes sir, thank you my life coach. Am a witness to what the word of God can do in any situation. Glory to God

Busola Tamunoene(CEAmadikalagbor)


Hallelujah! Thank you so much my greatest Father sir! #ceamadikalagbor #cc3 #cephzone3

Belen Gomez


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Thank you Jesus.




Sis Eliane Hap's


Gloryy to God

Selamawit Meskele


Amen I Believe and received by Faith glory to God 😭😇👼👼testimony Christ is the same yesterday , today, and forever .❤️❤️🌺🌺💗

Precious peter


I connect this healing to my baby in Jesus Name Amen

pastor Godwin Odinigwe


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France Yvette



Dcns Rose Beatrice


Amen . Thank you Pastor Sir.

Liashine Glorified


Hallelujah glory be to God!

Princess Victoria


Yes Sir. Hallelujah!

Pst Pirian Odu


Glory to God forever!

'Success by human effort is not the new testament standard', our success is by the spirit!!#ExpérienceTotalefr #TotalExperiencefr #France #Christembassyfr #TEXFR20

Testifiers at the #HSOPC Grand Finale. Deola Gbadamosi, testifies of her healing from cancer, olfactory neuroblastoma, 11 years after. #HealingtotheNations #AutumnSession2020 #HealingSchool

When you return from the Healing School, there is 'no case' for the Doctor to treat. #hsopc #douala #cameroon

Pastor Saki with the Rhapsody song Glory!!!!! #lifeconferencewithpastorjoy #lifeconference2020

There's no case! What is that verdict you were given that seems humanly impossible? Make your way to the Healing School and discover that there's no case! #hsopc #healingschoolautumnsession2020

#Photospeak WMC ITPLC IN YOUR CITY CENTRAL TEENS CHURCH #warriministrycentre #loveworldteensministry

What a Unique opportunity and privilege we've been given, to make impact and cause lasting changes beyond natural physical borders... WATCH THIS!

Awesome! #HSOPC #UK

HOW DO YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES IN LIFE? Watch this inspiring discussion segment on " Making the Right Choices in Life"  with esteemed Pastor Yinka Tinuade, LMAM Artistes Pastor Saki and Ayo Vincent and Sister Tracy Uwom showing now at and across all major social media platform You don't want to miss out on this! Kindly share pictures of live participation on KingsChat using these hashtags: #lifeconferencewithpastorjoy #lifeconference2020 #life

#HSOPC Day 3 Updates It's the Grand finale!!! Live Participation From Uganga Join us in this atmosphere of miracles. #Healingtothenations #HealingSchoolAutunmSession2020

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