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4keys for unlocking the last days wealth transfer (MIKE SMALLEY) 1) God is not deciding who has wealth. He doesn't decide where money goes. Obedience to His word decides where the money goes. He simply gives us an opportunity to trust and obey him. Obedience to God's principles is what unlocks wealth. 2) Religion not God made poverty acceptable. Sickness and poverty are illegal in the kingdom of God. Religion is the way to sell poverty and make people excited about it. 3) God has never related to or understood his children's awkwardness towards blessing. #YourLoveworld #LoveworldUSA

4keys for unlocking the last 4keys for unlocking the last 4keys for unlocking the last

NOW! READ THIS AMAZING TESTIMONY SHARED ON YOUR LOVEWORLD BY OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REV. TOM AMENKHIENAN "Yesterday, someone called and made a pledge of N5,000. Immediately after the call, he got an alert with a payment of seven (7) months salary that was owed him. Glory to God!" @lwusa #YourLoveworld

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"We need the gospel in America. We are here in Nigeria, & Nigeria is helping us take the gospel to America." -Pst Dan Willis. #YourLoveWorld

It's Day 3! #YOURLoveWorld What an amazing morning session with Pastor Dan Willis, Rev Tom Amenkhienan, Pastor Biodun Lawal #CEMIDWESTZONE

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