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Mon visa et celui de ma soeur Hortence Dossou-gbete sont sortis et notre voyage est accompli dans une bonne condition. # my declaration

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#mydeceleration I'm financially viable for every given project. Samuel is completely healed.

#prayingnow#Germany🇩🇪 Join us

I am patient and determined. I do the right thing even when no one is looking. I declared that I have unlimited potentials. #MyDeclaration

#CountUp......Teens & Teens Coordinators One Day Meeting With Pastor Keletso #BLWTeensMinistry #CEDURBANGROUP #SAZONE2

#mydeclaration I declare that l do all in the he maximum load of God's blessings in all area of my life

#Amen# #Switzerland Europe virtual Zone 3#

I declare supernatural promotion and peace in my job. Love and peace in my marriage

As a result of this program, the light of the gospel will shine on the hearts of all those that came,&they will take their place in Ministry

J'accomplis ma destinée et le but de Dieu pour ma vie. Je cours avec la vision de ce ministère en évitant toutes embûches. #mydeclaration

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