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#my declaration I am sufficient in Christ sufficiency. My competency is of God hallelujah!!!

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#praying now I pray that the word of God will gain the accedency in the heart of men all around the world in Jesus name

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#Praying now #USA #Plano #Texas #My declarations #I am doing great in all areas of my life. #peace surround me and my household like a river. #The word of God is at work in me everyday. Thank you Father. #Allelujah.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to my Pastor, spiritual father, a teacher, guide and a wonderful man of God. Thank you for all you do for us. We appreciate and love you. God bless you.

Glory to God

YOUR RHAPSODY TODAY Have No Excuse For Missing Church Services A young man told the story of how he hadn’t attended church services for about four years, due to his tight work schedule. Moreover, there was no local assembly close to where he lived. That’s unacceptable. If you’re a Christian, you MUST be a member of a local church, and have no excuse for missing church services. The church is a place of hope, succour and solution. It’s a place of solutions because in church, the Word of God is taught, and the knowledge of God’s Word is what puts you over in life. In church, your faith is built strong, and you also have the opportunity for rich fellowship with other believers and the Holy Spirit. There’s no excuse good enough for continually missing church services. Read the full article on bit.ly/ReadMyRhapsody

#my country Nigeria is blessed

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