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Great Honour & Privelege 2 minister and express creative worship through dance. Hallelujah 2 Jesus #cecanada #Goodfridayservice #cekitchener

Great Honour & Privelege 2 Great Honour & Privelege 2 Great Honour & Privelege 2 Great Honour & Privelege 2 Great Honour & Privelege 2

Happening live now at Christ Embassy Arlington TX LOUD AND CLEAR music concert with Pastor Mike futuering Bro Isaiah Samson. #CEARLINGTON

Happening now! Shanice with the spoken word She's in a relationship...with #Jesus #LoudNClear

Happy birthday dearest PDabs. You are uniquely special in so many ways, you'll soar higher n higher. Thank you for being you. Love you big

"NOMVULA became wealthy.Her influence continued to grow until she became very prominent"Β Gen26:13 #SpiritualInfluence #FinancialInfluence

Happening now! #loudnclear

Welcome to the month of influence.I'm an influencer to the nations of the world guided by the wisdom of God by the power of the Holly ghst

10th- 18th May: Israel is the Bible in 3D, I hope you're interested in coming to Israel. The Holy land tour for Holy twists - Pastor Chris

Our very own Sis Cherry CEKitchener !!

HBD to you Dear Lucy Bassey.... The abundance of the sea shore is converted to you.. You're GRACED for more exploits by God's Spirit.

BLW RAP NATION in calabar and Benin , was super anointed πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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