Opokua Opoku-Okrah: The wisdom of God is on KingsChat Web

The wisdom of God is working in favour for Nana Opoku Opoku-Okrah. #mydeclaration

My life is a life of praise and greater glory. Glorious things are spoken of me oh city of God. #mydeclaration

I declare that impact the world and change lives for good with my supernatural abilities #myfaithdeclaration#

There are changes happening now in my life, children, husband, career, and my future. There is a shift in the realm of Spirit#mydeclaration

#my declarations, I function in the supernatural this year like never before (wisdom, strength, health, insight and supply etc).

I declare that my faith is active I declare that my husband's visa is out before the end of this winter in Jesus name Amen #mydeclaration

There is peace and stability in the politics and economy of Nigeria; there is no wastage and war in our land. #mydeclaration

I declare that my life is characterized by the miraculous,I receive divine ability to do the impossible. #mydeclaration #cebeninzone1

#mydeclaration I declare that every member of my family is working in the supernatural in all that they do,its there season Glory to God

I declare dat I am infused with wisdom 2 deal with d affairs of this world & invigorated with might 2 take my world 4 Jesus. #mydeclaration

When I show up Christ shows up therefore I will prevail with the gospel of Jesus to every mans word until Christ is formed in there heart.

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