Lynda Osisanya: Congratulations Sis Toyin! She'll flourish on KingsChat Web

Congratulations Sis Toyin! She'll flourish like the palm tree, with grace and glory!

Congratulations Sis Toyin! She'll flourish

wilderness experience

Givin is spiritual. spendin is physical. so I chose to GIVE #KC4LoudandClearAccessControl #KC4LoudandClearAccessControl #phronesis #ewcavz4

My faith is working & producing results#CEBENINZONE3

Life happens. The storms of life come to every person. You may be in the storm—the key is to not let the storm get in you. #CEBENINZONE3

Today at 10am all around Israel, a solemn siren rang out to commemorate and honor the memory of millions of Jews killed in the 2nd world war. It is particularly significant to every Jew because the Israel of today was formed by the survivors, and also to remind the world that such a horror must never happen again. The journey through the Ramon Crater was a wonder. Traversing the extreme terrain gives you an appreciation of the miraculous that attended the various wilderness journeys recorded in scriptures. Faith is rising with every moment.

Still on the Holy Land Tour with our Man of God.

We need to learn to think how God thinks. We must learn to identify with Christ and the new person he has made us to be.. #AmBlessed #ssvz4

Be amazing at all times #BLWSAZONE #groupb #GBSUBSMU

Congratulations!!! #UKZone3Rocks

I am a Christ-in-you person#CEBENINZONE3

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